Mediocrity to Excellence

How is your company faring?

As we draw closer to the end of the financial year it’s a good time to review the year that was. Were you closer to Mediocrity or Excellence?

What do you plan to do differently? Do you know what to do differently?

The big question has always been whether team building activities provide a bottom line benefit. In this blog we explore the reverse question – Is it possible to understand improvements in the bottom line from a team building activity?

Mediocrity is a state of status quo and limited performance. In today’s economic environment we are all asked to do more with less so we need to learn to use the resources we have in a more efficient and effective manner.

Relating the resources at our disposal and ensuring their effectiveness is the basis of one of our new team building activities called “Mediocrity to Excellence”. In this activity Teams are asked to think like business owners and develop business savvy skills that take a fictitious company from mediocrity to excellence. During that journey, teams will develop an awareness of how important their role is and how it makes a contribution to the bottom line. This fun and engaging one-day session has had profound effects on teams’ awareness of their contribution. For example, in one organisation 200 client-facing colleagues undertook the program and what they learned led to a reduction in working capital of $20M with $2M direct to the bottom line.

As brokers Team Building Made Easy has enjoyed discovering a wonderful variety of team building activities. This one provides a rare mix of engaging activity and learning.

Could your company benefit from going from Mediocrity to Excellence? If so contact us at to receive an obligation free quote on this great new program and kick off the new financial year with a bang.


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