Challenge yourself with Abseiling Perth. This activity will help build self-awareness, trust and improve communication within teams.

Everything you need to know about the Abseiling Perth team building activity

The team needs to work together to build the abseil systems and dispatch their team members in a supportive and safe manner, This activity fosters, trust, responsibility, problem solving under stress, relationship building, communication, and also an opportunity for role reversals for managers/supervisors and provides a unique perspective on the team dynamic.

What happens during the Abseiling Perth team building activity?

Teams can decide for themselves how the tasks are split or do all tasks together, or our staff can make the decision. The decision, and how the decision is made, will affect the desired learning outcomes. Managers/supervisors can be removed from their accustomed positions and placed into the care of their staff to observe the impact on team dynamic. Role reversals are a great tool to build empathy and appreciation for different roles within an organisation. Different learning styles are exposed and can be appreciated within a team. The managers/supervisors watching can learn how each of their staff learns and deals with a new experience. For those managers/supervisors that find it hard to let go, this is a valuable tool and creates a new perspective on workplace dynamics. The abseiling rig will be checked and corrected by a qualified instructor. At all times during the process a qualified instructor will be present to oversee the safety of all participants.


Minimum and maximum group size: 8 - 20 people
Time required: Full Day Activity

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Activity Details
  • Outdoor
  • 8 hours
  • $$$
  • Daytime
Number of People
  • 0-20, 20-40, 40-60, 60-80, 100+
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