An Art workshop that deals with the big questions. WHY, WHAT and HOW.

  • WHY is your company in business?
  • WHAT are you goals?
  • HOW are you going to do it?

A motivational goal and vision setting workshop. Expand your individual and company vision.

Professional Facilitators will facilitate a workshop with a difference - to expand your individual and company vision, providing you with a success mind set your very own Canvas painting to take-away – giving you an inspiring vision, mentally and physically to aim towards.

For executives, leaders & managers who want leadership edge  - Create your inspiring vision & communicate it to your team.

This workshop will ensure your vision is alive and visible.

Everything you need to know about the Executives Get Messy team building activity

Get messy with art and painting and work on your big ideas and vision
You will sharpen your ability to influence and inspire your teams through increasing your vision.

Building on the vision established will formalise the vision and create a group goal.

The focus will be on the core essence of what each individual brings to the group, the organisation and beyond. 

• Create goal with pen & paper

• Create vision with fingers & brush on canvas

What happens during the Executives Get Messy team building activity?

Get messy, speculate, visualise, communicate, collaborate, inspire, celebrate

Outcomes: This program will establish a compelling company vision to work towards. Empower your year ahead with
 more choices, possibilities, inspiration

• A visual representation of what can be achieved as a team

• A Fresh Canvas for the New Year with creative vision

• Receive a range of success mindset tools

• Use goal setting techniques the brain based way

• Capture fresh ideas to put into actions

• Allow quiet contenders to add value and have their say

Objectives met

  • Connect people and ideas
  • Create goals that shine bright
  • Leverage creative thinking for innovative results
  • Align team towards one meaningful pathway


- Facilitation by two experienced professionals: an experienced business trainer and coach, and an artist, trainer, and communications expert.

- Art materials, protective wear and your very own artwork to take away.

- Activity can take place at a park venue with conference centre.

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Activity Details
  • Outdoor
  • 2 hours
  • $$$
  • Daytime
Number of People
  • 0-20
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