Everything you need to know about the Bridge Grand Prix team building activity

Teams design a bridge blueprint according to height, width, arch, lane, barrier and walkway briefs. Blueprints are traded with other teams forming a cross communication exercise requiring a master bridge build using environmentally friendly materials. The challenge lies when bridges are connected to form a suspended track worthy of a remote car racing spectacular. Teams are judged according to their blueprint build which determines pole position for the much anticipated Grand Prix. Teams learn that strong foundations are the key to any working relationship.

What happens during the Bridge Grand Prix team building activity

  1. Teams arrive at indoor location of the clients choosing
  2. Teams are briefed on the event and split into smaller groups
  3. Teams are given briefs in how to construct their very own bridge and elevated racing track
  4. Once team build their bridge, they need to communicate with other teams to join the bridges together
  5. Now that the elevated track is built, it’s time for teams to compete in racing time trials using a remote control car
  6. Finals are held for the top finishing teams in which groups gather outside of the track to create a racing atmosphere
  7. The fastest finishing team will with the day
  8. Prizes are given to the winners
  9. Team photos will be sent to the client after the event


Minimum and Maximum Time Required
Minimum: 1.5 hours
Maximum: 2 hours

Minimum and Maximum Group Size
Minimum: 50
Maximum: Unlimited

Ideal group size – ie the size of group this is ideally suited to

Team Sizes (if they are broken into teams)

Next Steps

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Activity Details
  • Indoor + Outdoor
  • 1.5-2 hours
  • $
  • Daytime
Number of People
  • 0-20, 20-40, 40-60
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