Using a Combat Simulation environment in Melbourne, participants are immersed into a narrative where team work, leadership skills and effective communication are paramount to the success of the mission.


Everything you need to know about the Combat Simulation team building activity 

Using IR taggers your team need to effect mission orders to achieve their objectives while attempting to thwart the opposing team from achieving their mission.

Team work, Leadership and communication skills are sharpened across the day when reflective time between missions is used to work out what are the teams strengths, what are the teams weaknesses and what needs to be adjusted to ensure either a continued or improved chance of victory.
This team building event is the perfect choice to compliment your businesses professional development and training schedule.

Whatever your business goals; be it strategy, leadership, communication or teamwork, a Combat Simulation event will engage and resonate with your staff.

They will rave about the experience long after it is over and directly apply the knowledge acquired and skills learned to the work place.


What happens during the Combat Simulation team building activity

Using a Combat Simulation experience, your team will be immersed in a fictitious back story where the bigger picture is revealed as objectives are achieved. Your staff will be:
• Given objectives to achieve as a team, with obstacles that need overcoming,
• Operating under varying degrees of pressure,
• Using maps, to find strategic locations,
• Communicating via UHF radios to keep the mission on track and ensure success,
• Strategizing to achieve objectives,
• Debriefing regularly to evaluate what worked, what didn’t and what could be done differently,
• Competing against an opposing team to thwart their success and ensure their own.

You will be amazed at how engaged your staff will be throughout the whole adventure!

• Your group is kitted out with some Camo, an IR tagger and a UHF radio
• A safety and equipment briefing will take place
• You will go onto the field as a team and set up a base of operations
• Teams will be broken up into command, recon and fire teams
• A narrative will be revealed
• Across the course of the day a series of Operational Orders, with varying degree of difficulty, will be issues to your team.
• These orders will need interpreting so as the available use of personal and resources can be deployed to best effect success of the mission
• Opportunities to collaborate happen while in conflict or while in debrief to evaluate what worked well, what did not work and what needs to be changed to improve future outcomes.



4, 6 & 24 hour session are standard but packages can be tailored to the groups needs
Catering options are available (or self-catering if desired)
Accommodation options are available if required

Minimum and Maximum Group Size
Min 16 – Max 45


This activity requires participants to traverse the Australian bush on both made tracks and across virgin bush at a walking pace.

A medium level of fitness is required.

This activity is suited towards groups who want to engage in a meaningful activity with measurable outcomes but without the ‘board room’ type of professional training that is keeps a groups static.

Venue restrictions or requirements

Both venues have toilet facilities but all rubbish must be carried out. There are no facilities to purchase food or beverages on the field.

Unless catering is ordered participants must bring onto the field all requirement to serve their own nutrition, hydration and comfort.


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Activity Details
  • Outdoor
  • 6 hours
  • $$
  • Daytime
Number of People
  • 0-20, 20-40
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