The Sydney based team building event will serve as an opportunity for teams of any level and experience to have fun and get creative.

Everything you need to know about the Creative Photography team building activity

Rather than being just a ‘workshop’, this Creative Photography event encourages people to use their creativity and think outside the box. Suitable for any kind of camera, from iPhone to DSLR.


What is the schedule of the Creative Photography team building activity

Here is an EXAMPLE of the structure of this event and timings. Start and end times
can be altered to whatever suits you best:

• 6pm - 6.30pm Participants meet at a venue near the office. On arrival they are split into teams.

• 6.30pm - 7.30pm Teams head out to tackle a light hearted 'photography challenge'. We can create a challenge which incorporates anything you like. Some companies like to make it relevant to their industry, while others prefer to have something more left field.

• 7.30pm – 8.30pm Teams regroup at a prearranged bar. Here they look through their images and together decide on their best shots. Photography hosts then award teams points for their pics based on their creativity and inventiveness. Our team of hosts are real charmers and well practiced at giving constructive feedback without making people feel disheartened.

• 8.30pm Winning team announced and slideshow of images

This experience is perfect for a Friday lunch break or at the end of the day - better if combined with drinks as the class is a chance to socialise amongst work people.

What will teams have to do in order to be successful in the Creative Photography team building event
• Team members will need to adopt an approach that will facilitate ideas generation during the brainstorm
• Team will need to translate their ideas into photos
• Think laterally
• Push their creative thinking

** OPTION: Two Photography workshops can be included in order to add depth to this activity and make it a more memorable event



Minimum and Maximum time required: 1.30 - 3 hours
Minimum and Maximum group size: 10-100 people
Usual team sizes: 5-10 people per team (can accommodate for smaller or larger groups)

Activity level and type of group the Creative Photography activity is suitable for

- Photography beginners
- Any person who can use their phone camera
- Any kind of camera, from iPhone to DSLR.

Next Steps

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Activity Details
  • Indoor + Outdoor
  • 1.30-3 hours
  • $$
  • Daytime + Nighttime
Number of People
  • 0-20, 20-40, 40-60, 60-80, 100+
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