Groove Tubes Team Building

Have you ever played a Groove Tube Team Building activity? The question sounds kind of funny but Groove Tubes are taking team building events to a whole new creative level.  Groove Tubes act as a catalyst for groups coming together and appreciating each other's functions in a greater soundscape as they provide an interactive and hands-on approach to understanding each other's function in building a stronger team.


Put simply, it's people coming together to experience the real joy of creating something wonderful together, with a whole lot of laughs along the way. A great conference ice breaker for large groups. Groove Tubes are unique plastic tubing that has been specially designed to play a specific note and create a fantastic team building event. When played together Groove Tubes create chords, rhythms, and magical music.


There are many ways to play a Groove Tube and each one has its place in the music that you make.

What happens during the Groove Tubes team building activity?

The opening minutes of the session is completely non-verbal, with the Facilitator orchestrating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. In this section, people follow simple instructions made through gesture, allowing them to get comfortable with the interactive nature of the event and making music together. The interplay between the percussion group and the participants builds in dynamics through our Facilitators direction, building to an energetic finish.


What follows is a brief history of music and it's significance in various cultures. Participants are then entertained with some music making fundamentals, empowering them with the tools to create their own mini-team performances.


Groove Tubes are not only a great piece of interactive entertainment but they also illustrate important lessons in team building and leadership. Through careful facilitation and self-directed group work, leadership and team qualities are emphasised and developed through this music-making exercise. Groove Tube Team Building can energise, motivate, and inspire your team, as well as illustrating some key team and leadership principles, which makes them the ideal team building event.



Minimum and Maximum group size required:  10 to 500 participants

Minimum and Maximum time required: sessions can range between 30 to 90 minutes.


Access to the event space to set Groove Tube instruments and 'on stage' instruments is required.


Next Steps

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