Conference Ice breakers are a great way to break up your conference, get the most from your delegates, and keep the energy and concentration level up.

What happens during the Get To Know Your Team, team building event

Welcome: What the next hour is about – connecting with your team mates, engaging the RHS of your brain and learning some new skills

Skill 1: The Power of Mind Reading

Working in pairs, everyone learns three different poses. Back to back, teams test if they can really mind read by turning around and pulling the same pose. More laughs than you can imagine. Ensures everyone is in a great space for the 50 mins ahead and there is a great buzz in the room.

Introduction to the creative flow where great ideas happen.

Skill 2: The Bulls#*t game

Working in pairs, teams are introduced to the art of story telling. One team member starts to tell a story and the other team member throws random words in. The person telling the story has to use the words that are thrown in. Which is easier? Telling the story or throwing in the words? Give a great insight into developing ideas. Creates a great energy and lots of laughter in the room and shows teams just how easy it is to come up with ideas.

Skill 3: Negotiation

The time honoured traditions from the United Nations of negotiating when no agreement can be reached. Working in pairs, teams use go against each other in a round of Rock, Paper, Scissor (no explanation needed!) Sounds really simple but is an absolute blast.

Skill 4: Keeping great ideas alive

Introduction to the rules and skills of Improv Theatre.
Working in pairs, this continues to grow the energy and laughter and shows teams how to grow and develop ideas. Teams learn that there are three types of response: ‘No, but’, ‘Yes, but’
and ‘Yes and’. ‘Yes and’ is the response that drives the skills and energy of improv theatre.

Skill 5: Problem Solving

Working in pairs, teams are taught the ancient Celtic arts of elbow slapping, a time-honoured problem solving skill. A game of both attack and defence, team mates test their skills against each other working out who will be the eventual winner. Puts a huge amount of energy in the room and loads of laughter.

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