Everything that happens during the Laser Clay Shooting Experience team building activity

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to handle and fire a 12 gauge shotgun? Well wonder no more. Our shotguns are the real deal - except they have been modified to fire laser/light beams, not real cartridges. So there is the added bonus of no harsh kick backs.


A great ice breaker. Laser Clay Shooting is a versatile activity ideal for conference time outs, team building or staff Christmas parties. With the very latest in Lasersport technology, Laser Clay shooting has evolved into a very popular experience that can be set up anywhere/anytime; at the beach, at a conference venue or even in the confines of a tennis court. Laser clay shooting is also a very eco-friendly activity which uses reusable clays.....great to play during the day, but brilliant during the night; we have clays that glow in the dark.

What happens during the Laser Clay Experience team building activity?

Laser clay shooting is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. The players use a modified 12 gauge shotgun that fires an infra-red light beam at clays launched from an automated clay launcher. The fully electronic digital scoreboard generates the shotgun 'bang' sound effect and when a player hits the target it reproduces the sound of clay breaking. Depending on the size of the group, participants can compete as individuals or in teams - you decide. Participants will be briefed on gun safety and the game process explained.


Note: In each round of Laser Clay shooting, up to 5 participants can shoot at the same targets, launched from a number of different positions at various speeds and angles. Several programmed games can be played; some easier than others.


Games include:

  • Skill Shoot: where players are awarded two points for the first shot and one point for the second
  • Rapid Fire: is based on who can hit the clay first. Five points awarded to the first participant to hit the target and points descend down to one point which is awarded to the last to hit the target.
  • Speed Shoot: a point is only awarded to whoever can hit the clay target first
  • Laser Sport: points awarded for each direct hit

Whichever game you are playing as either individual or as a team, you simply score points when you hit the target. At the end of the competition, the player/team that scores the most points are the winners and most importantly presented with bragging rights!


Laser clay shooting is perfect as a relaxed team bonding session, focussing on fun, driven by light-hearted competition


Minimum and Maximum group size: 5 - 50

Minimum and Maximum time required: 1-3 hours

Site size: 30x30 m - at least the size of a tennis court (site fees may be required)

What to wear: Comfortable clothes, a hat and sunscreen if required

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  • Outdoor
  • 1-3 hours
  • $$
  • Daytime + Nighttime
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