Everything you need to know about the Snookie team building activity

Snookball combines the game of 8-ball pool with the skills of Football (Soccer). The sport is otherwise known as Footpool, Football Pool, Soccer Billiards, Footsnook in other parts of the world. The table is 7m x 4m and Australian made. We bring everything you need and set it up for your event and take it away at the end.

What happens during the Snookie team building activity

A player or team wins when they legally pocket all balls in their group and with their next shot pot the black ball.
The game is lost of the black ball is pocketed mid-game, leaves the table (except off the break) or the white ball is pocketed or leaves the table in the same shot the black ball is pocketed.
FOULS: When the following fouls occur, the opponent can play TWO shots if they don't foul in their first attempt: 1) Touch the opponent’s ball first OR 2) The white ball fails to touch player’s own balls. If the white ball is pocketed, the opponent can place it anywhere for the next move. THE PASS RULE: When playing doubles, a pair may 'pass' the ball once in order to pocket a ball from their group. To be a legal pass, the ball must pass across the middle of the tables and be deflected by a team mate while it's still in motion and in a single touch. Any failure to meet these criteria will result in TWO shots being awarded to opponents. A pass can't be used when on the black ball.
THE SNOOKIE RULE: A 'Snookie' is called when a player manages to pocket one of their balls by jumping the cue ball over an opponent's ball or the black ball with a scoop shot. When successful, an opponents ball may be brought back into play and re-spotted.

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  • Indoor
  • 1 hours
  • $
  • Daytime
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  • 0-20, 20-40, 40-60
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