The below activities are some of the main options that can be done on the day: Teambuilding Activities: UDU can facilitate a range of interactive Team building activities. These are usually teamwork based, allowing new bonds to form as groups draw from their collective strengths to compete with fellow workmates in a fun and unique way. Depending on the day, location and group size, UDU will pick the ideal mix of fun team building activities, giving everyone the chance to be challenged and to shine. Bushwalk- with bush tucker tasting! Being surrounded by nature is completely different to working in the normal office environment. It enables people to forget the influences of modern civilisation and instead enables them to appreciate the inherent natural commonalities that they share. Get back to nature and learn about what's on your doorstep. Time at the beach It's often nice to relax at the beach, with time to swim and sunbake. This can be combined with a bushwalk, if there is a range of fitness levels within the group. For instance, at Garie Beach, the more adventurous can be led up to the top of the headland for a breathtaking panoramic view. BBQ Masterchef Everyone loves a good ol' Australian sausage sizzle, along with salads, breads and condiments, and of course vegetarian options. Teams get involved not just making their lunch, but coming together to present their dishes in a creative and fun cooking challenge. Minor Activities Boomerang throwing We're known around the world for our boomerangs, but how many people actually know how to throw them properly? There is much fun to be had learning how to throw boomerangs, as well as spears using a woomera (spear thrower). Sightseeing- Audley Where it all started, Audley is full of history and fantastic birdlife. Experience days of old with its charming lawns and the serene Hacking River. Sightseeing- Sea Cliff Bridge The Grand Pacific Drive is known as the great ocean road of NSW. Show the team this scenic area, including the distinctive Sea Cliff Bridge. Short Bushwalk- Rainforest Tranquil bushwalk through temperate rainforest, along the Hacking River, learning some interesting facts while you're there.

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  • 9 hours
  • $
  • Daytime + Nighttime
Number of People
  • 0-20, 20-40, 40-60, 60-80
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