In a typical program, the group assembles at the waters-edge (calm water) and split into groups and pairs.

 These groups are then given different instructions on how to “behave/coach” which we later de-brief and discuss. This activity highlights the impact of positive affirmation versus critical feedback. 

The program also has a coaching element where participants are split into pairs to coach their partner, who in turn coaches them.

Everything you need to know about Team Building Paddle Boarding activity

Take your team to the water for a day of paddle boarding. Learn about how your team responds to instruction, different styles of coaching, constructive criticism, positive affirmations and most importantly change. Gain insight in the workings of your team while taking a relaxing 30 minute trip along the calm water. We guarantee you will find paddle boarding to be a powerful meditative activity that will appeal to all members of your team.

What happens during the event Team Building Paddle Boarding activity?

Learn about how your team works in the debriefing segment of the event where participants are asked whether they preferred having coaching or not. Some do, some don’t, and this is where we explore learning preferences – insights that are most useful in the workplace.

Then it’s onto the water to get acquainted with the activity.
Participants usually take up to 30 minutes to gain comfort on their boards, many do it in less. We do an easy paddle, exploring new techniques along the way. As people find their groove, we observe physical changes and body positioning.

Once over, its time to debrief the activity and reflect on what happened - back in the comfort of indoors. Self-reflection and self-learning is facilitated as the activity is ‘unpacked’.

Depending on the group and the program, we then introduce the “Four Rooms of Change” module and relate it to what we just experienced and witnessed in others.

The 4 cores are:

  • Self Censorship
Inspiration and Renewal

This sets up an insightful understanding of change. It provides participants with change management skills to help transform an organisation from one that struggles with change to one that adapts and operates with newfound agility.

Who is Team Building Paddle Boarding activity suited to?

Stand Up Paddle suits all fitness types and skill levels.
There are roles for everyone, including those who don’t wish to go on the boards.


Minimum and Maximum time required
You can either participate in a half or full day event.
 Minimum time is 3 hours, which is equal parts on and off water activity.
A full day includes two on-water sessions.
Minimum and Maximum Group Size
10-12 participants is optimal but the program is flexible.
Activity level and type of group this is suited to

Anyone well enough to be employed is more than capable of participating.
There are roles for everyone, including those who don’t wish to go on the boards.
Venue restrictions or requirements
Calm water – there are several location options in each city.

A classroom style facility for debriefing.
--In Melbourne options include: 
St Kilda 
Port Melbourne
Albert Park Lake.
--In Sydney: 
Rose Bay 
Manly Harbour
**Indoor facilities i.e. a training room are also required for the full day event. Hotel conference rooms are ideal.

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Activity Details
  • Outdoor
  • 3 hours
  • $$
  • Daytime
Number of People
  • 0-20
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