Everything you need to know about the Team Cayenne team building activity

A company has just completed a large project and, in hindsight, it did not deliver as much business value as was originally expected. There were budget and time overruns, and neither the project sponsors nor end users seem too satisfied with the result. Participants are asked to go back in time to see if they can identify the hot buttons and deliver a better result.

What happens during the Team Cayenne team building activity?

Participants diagnose signs and symptoms of potential problems, and mitigate them using limited resources. The storyline loosely follows a typical IT implementation of a new business system. However,
the challenges are universal and easily recognized, such as:
• Key stakeholders are not engaged... get their attention or trust your own judgement?
• New insights arise... revise the scope or stick to the plan?
• Project team is overloaded... take quick action or make systematic changes?
• Actuals are not in line with budget and timeline... adjust figures or adjust ambitions? 
 Participants quickly recognize that you cannot please everybody all of the time. The art to project work is to balance the needs of key stakeholders – sponsors and steering committee, the project delivery team, and the end users of the organization – in order to create maximum business value.

Key results and who benefits?

• • • •
Better ability to balance the needs of different 
 stakeholder groups.
Identification and utilization of key 
 performance measures.
Heightened ability to read signs and symptoms 
 of potential pitfalls in projects.
Better awareness and preparedness of the 
 conditions for ongoing projects back on the 


Cayenne is suitable for all types of companies and projects. The storyline is built on an IT system implementation, but is suitable for all projects of similar magnitude.
Cayenne targets everybody involved in, or concerned by a project – not just the project manager.

Kick-off a new project – to create a common 
 understanding and preparedness among 
 everybody involved and secure a successful
Get an existing project back on track by reallocating resources or re-establishing 
Create good conditions for successful joint projects
between system suppliers and their clients.
Build a common vocabulary and understanding
between specialists and generalists.
Complement general project management training
courses focused on administrative or operational aspects.



Minimum and Maximum time required

6-8 hours



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They say that you learn from your mistakes. That is true only if you understand the mistake that happened.” 

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  • 6 hours
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