We bring financial statements to life through its simple, visual hands on model of a company. Participants form the incoming management team of A&O, an established company that is facing some tough challenges. The Learning and Development activity will track the company from mediocrity to excellence via a series of exercises designed to elucidate the foundation of business in a service company.

What happens during the Think Like A Business Owner team building activity?

Participants of all levels can gain new skills or build on prior experience to:

• Read and interpret financial statements
• Identify critical elements affecting profitability
• Analyse financial ratios and key performance indicators and make priorities accordingly.
Participants will explore the cause-and-effect relationships that govern a company’s financial state- ments – and develop an intrinsic business sense that will govern their future decisions in everyday work.

Key Results and Benefits of participating in Think Like A Business Owner team building activity

Companies using Think Like A Business Owner can benefit by:
• Creating a common vision throughout the organisation
• Building a shared baseline understanding of financial and management concepts
• Communicating key messages during times of organisational change.
• Understanding how improving utilisation of staff and better procedures for forecasting and planning can affect the bottom line
• Gaining a better appreciation of the issues that arise when expanding to better meet customer demands
• Understanding how the configuration (volume, loyalty, image, price, payment terms) of the customer base affects for example cash flow, short- term profitability and long-term market value
• Understanding how their daily decisions impact the company strategically and financially including learning basic business finance language and the logic of business – “how it works”
• Continuously identifying improvements in the business processes
• Knowing how their business generates profits today and how it will need to generate profits in the future
• Understanding the meaning of working capital and how the use of assets and people affects the profitability
• Understanding the meaning and leverage effects of value and business drivers.


Minimum and Maximum Group Size
From four to several thousand participants. Participants are grouped in teams of 3-4 with one facilitator for every 25-30 people.
Employees at all levels.
Minimum and Maximum Time Required
6-8 hours, corresponding to 3 years of operation.
Facilitators are certified
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Activity Details
  • Indoor
  • 6-8 hours
  • $$$$
  • Daytime + Nighttime
Number of People
  • 0-20, 20-40, 40-60, 60-80, 100+
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