Team Building using Experiential Learning

 Is it what you need?

As brokers of team building activities Team Building Made Easy is often asked about what can be achieved from a team building event and whether more serious learning is an option. If you want blend activities and more serious learning then you need to consider using an experiential learning approach.

For any Team Building event, your desired outcome should essentially be the main driver by which you select your activity, level of debrief, and whether other learning is blended into your program.

This issue of clear outcomes is critical to creating effective training programs generally and specifically to what type of approach will be the most effective.

When discussing training programs with clients of Team Building Made Easy, we are sometimes asked about the relevance of an *experiential learning approach to serious learning and development programs. At the heart of the question is a concern about whether the training is ‘real’ enough if it incorporates exercises and experiential activities. Unfortunately too many people have participated in experiential training that was either not relevant to the outcomes or were facilitated so poorly it did not add value to the learning. On top of this our Universities strongly favour “lecture” style learning programs and the majority of corporate training is PowerPoint driven. It’s no surprise that people are wondering where Experiential Learning fits in or whether it is relevant and ‘real.’

Think about the most powerful learning experiences that you have ever had. Think about experiences that truly led to change, that have prompted a motivation strong enough for you to adopt different behaviours and develop different habits. I suggest the common thread will be that you had a true “experience” that led to a re-evaluation of your current behaviours and subsequent change.

Corporate training programs must deliver concepts and ideas in a manner that participants truly experience for themselves.

How many people do you know that have participated in training programs and nothing has changed as a result. They hear it but don’t get it. Experiential learning is the link that helps them get it. Your participants need to experience the concepts you are presenting, rather than just hearing them.

With 20 years experience Team Building Made Easy are experts at finding a team building activity that can create a learning “experience”, for you.

We understand your objectives and can blend your outcomes with the appropriate activity or exercise in order to achieve your outcomes. The secret is in understanding the distinctions that a particular exercise will create and blending them with appropriate learning models. In this formula your participants will have a much greater chance of a true learning ‘experience.’

* Experiential Learning is learning from experience.


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