Corporate Events in Sydney this Spring

Our Ultimate List

Spring has officially sprung! It’s time to get out and about, unveil that ghostly skin to the sun and soak up the vitamin D (don’t go too crazy, pack the SPF). We’ve chosen our five best team building activities to harness the stunning beauty of Sydney in Spring.

Compete in the ultimate corporate event – The Amazing Race Sydney

Amazing Race Sydney Team Building Activity
Amazing Race Sydney Team Building Activity – Team Building Made Easy for your all your needs

Discover the hidden parts of the city with the Amazing Race Sydney. Your exuberant hosts, who are also professional actors, will get the ball rolling with some tongue-in-cheek personality profiling. It’s a fantastic icebreaker activity, but can also tell you a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates; information that could lead you to glory! Teams must then navigate their way around the city, finding checkpoints, hitting roadblocks and completing tricky challenges. Just like the television show, the Amazing Race Sydney is a game of sabotage, skill and luck and all in all a hilarious romp. Teammates will find themselves bonding without even realising it. The race ends at a bar of your organiser’s choice for a hard earned drink. The Amazing Race is great for large groups and is guaranteed to leave your team feeling energised.

Make the most of the Sydney sun with Beach Olympians

Corporate Olympics team Building Activity
Enjoy one of the Sydney beaches and challenge your team with a Corporate Olympics team Building Activity

As we are lucky enough to have some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, your company should make the most of them with the fantastic team building activity Beach Olympians, a physically challenging, but incredibly rewarding corporate event the whole team will love. Arrive at your beach of choice, already set up into an obstacle course, and zinc up! Beach Olympians requires everyone in your team to take on different roles, meaning each individual has a chance at leading. The level of difficulty can be adjusted for your particular group and the activities themselves range from high to low intensity, so don’t worry, your boss wont be judging how well you manage 4 hours of beach sprints. The range of activities and roles allows for some really effective team building. Teammates will have to lead, follow, delegate and communicate all with a lot of laughter. Beach Olympians is ideals for groups between 20 and 250, so go on, hit the surf!

Take your corporate event to the high seas with Sailing – Treasure hunt on Sydney Harbour

Sailing Sydney Team Building Activity
Nothing better than sailing around Sydney Harbour in this great Sailing Sydney Team Building Activity

Enjoy all the fun of being a pirate minus the scurvy with Sailing – Treasure hunt on Sydney Harbour. Like the name suggests, your team will be learning how to steer a beautiful yacht around the Harbour to find the buried treasure! Sailing is the ultimate team building activity, no one person can steer a yacht by themselves (well, unless they’re Jessica Watson) and it takes strong leadership, communication and teamwork skills to head in the right direction. Teams get awarded an envelope when they reach their destinations. Each envelope contains a question and a letter. In true treasure hunt style, the letters are apart of a larger clue – they spell out the final destination – the beach that holds the treasure! Teams race to the X on their treasure map to uncover some serious booty. After the treasure has been dug up and the winner has been announced, teams make their way to Darling Harbour for a gourmet lunch to cement the wonderful team building experience. This event is fully customisable for the most appropriate and rewarding activity for your team.

Taste Success by Wine Blending – Grape to Glass

Wine and Cheese tasting team building activity
Wine and Cheese tasting team building activity is a great choice for a networking or team bonding event

Fancy some wine tasting this Spring? We do! Is there a better way to spend your sunny workday than being taught the art of wine making at a Hunter Valley winery? Once you’ve made your perfect drop you then need to sell it. Now is a good time to discover the artistic strengths of your teammates because you have to make the sexiest label you can muster. Now that your wine is both looking and tasting beautiful, you need to make it sound beautiful. Sounds easy right? “Hint of oak, chocolaty undertones” etc. Well it’s a bit harder than it seems – did you know that smell is actually the most ineffable sense in the English language. Let famous wine critic and author Malcolm Gluck break it down for you:

“We wine writers are the worst qualified of critical experts. This is largely, though not exclusively, because we are the most poorly equipped. The most important tool at our disposal is inadequate for the job. That tool is the English language.”

Wine and cheese tasting is a fantastic team building activity for those who enjoy the finer things. It’s also an amazing test of the practical application of your team building experience. Unlike the previous, action intensive activities, wine blending sees your team creating something they can take with them. This corporate can be moved to a conference room if making all the way to the Hunter Valley isn’t possible.

Spring into Sydney Carnivale

Outdoor team building activities
Spring is the ideal season to get outdoors and enjoy some time with your team. Our survivor or beach olympics are great choices for your team building activity

This corporate event has it all; archery, races, catapults, bamboo towers, laser clay shootings and the great sports challenge! The best part is it’s fully customisable, from the location to the activities, you can cater it exactly to your specific team. If you’ve just had a long indoor conference, the invigorating outdoor corporate event, Carnivale is the antidote! Get everybody moving, laughing and competing in a series of fun, fresh activities!

Make the Most of Sydney in Spring!

There you have it, our top picks for Corporate events in the spring. So get out there and enjoy the amazing spring weather and check some of the sites around Sydney.

Remember, if you need any help or advice planning your event just get in contact with the team at Team Building Made Easy!


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