Team Building Made Easy – ABOUT US AND HISTORY

Team Building Made Easy is the first genuine retailer in Australia’s team building market. It is designed to make your life easy when it comes to finding and booking team building activities as it brings together easy searching and convenient booking. Team Building Made Easy is not a team building provider. We don’t run any team building activities. Instead we act as a broker to the thousands of team building providers that offer specific activities (like drumming, cooking, archery, etc) in the team building market. This means you get the best of both worlds. Your team building activity will be run by an expert who specialises in that activity, while you also enjoy easy searching, booking, and purchasing through Team Building Made Easy.

Our objective is to have every single team building activity in Australia available to search by outcomes, location, group size, even activity level. If you are looking for a team building activity then your life just became easier. You can now find the activity you are looking for through one easy search and from one simple location.

Team Building Made Easy was formed in 2009 by Ross Judd who has been working as a consultant for over 20 years. In that time Ross has worked with a wide range of organisations as a coach, mentor and facilitator. Ross specialises in helping people and organisations achieve their best through culture change and leadership training.

It was through his work as a consultant that Ross made the observation that the team building market in Australia had enjoyed a significant increase in single product providers. While this meant that the variety and options for team building activities increased it also meant that finding a new activity in your specific location was harder. There are now so many activities available that you could be looking through hundreds, even thousands of web pages before you find one that is suitable for your group size and in the location you are holding your conference. And once you’ve found one and enjoyed that activity, you need to look al over again for the next one.

Disclosure: Team Building Made Easy operates as a broker which means that we do all the marketing and client liaison on behalf of providers through out Australia and our service to our provider is that we can bring them a confirmed sale. For this service we take a pre-arranged commission on the sale. This commission is taken out of the team building activity provider fee, which means the price is the same whether you buy direct from the provider or through Team Building Made Easy


Team Building Made Easy makes booking your next team building activity fun!