5 Ultimate Team Building Activities in Brisbane

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With so many team building activities to choose from it’s hard to decide which one to go with. So we are going to take some of the guess work out of the decision for you and list TBME’s 5 ultimate team building activities available in Brisbane.

Aircraft Survivor Team Building Experience
Aircraft Survivor Team Building Experience – will your team rise to the challenge?

1. Aircraft Survivor Team Building Experience

Imagine crash landing an aircraft in a remote environment and having to survive on limited resources. This scenario starts as soon as the blindfolds are lifted, the first of many challenges begin. Locations have been selected carefully to add to the realism of the experience, it will feel like you are in the middle of the bush with no help in site. The team must come together to complete a series of challenges and tasks that pop up at any given time throughout the experience. These challenges include dealing with injured team mates, navigation, river crossings, survival, hunting with simulated weapons like shotguns and Bow and arrow (infra-red lazers), building shelters, starting fires and much more. Points are awarded throughout the experience based on challenges completed and extra points for good teamwork and initiative, the team with the most points at the end will be the winner and deemed most likely to survive. If this awesome experience isn’t enough, the winning team can be airlifted by helicopter back to base! Put your survival skills to the test!


sailing-team-building Brisbane
Adventure Sailing- Brisbane team building activity

2. Adventure Sailing- Brisbane

Get out of the office and on to the beautiful but tricky Moreton bay waters. Navigate your way around the course in the calm waters around North Stradbroke Island and Moreton Island but watch out for those sand bars! Earn points by identifying landmarks and answering local trivia questions along the way. Don’t worry you won’t be thrown into the deep end of sailing, there will be a dedicated and experienced crew on hand to show you the ropes and keep you and your crew safe but giving you full control. This is a great activity to build leadership, communication, initiative, and navigation skills as well as a good lesson in following instructions. Adventure sailing is a great way to build on current skills and learn new ones. Time to get sailing!


Beach Olympians Team Building – Active and outdoor team building ideas in Brisbane

3. Beach Olympians Team Building

This is a great outdoor activity for all ages, designed to enhance all aspects of team building while having fun. Events include sand castle building competitions, shooting an oversized slingshot, transporting water through an obstacle course and solving puzzles while blindfolded. The winning team will be the one with the most points at the end of the day and will be presented with an award at the ceremony. You will be tired but happy and a lot closer with your team! Get your outside for some fun in the sun.



Segway – Team Challenges (Olympics) – Unique team building ideas Brisbane

4. Segway – Team Challenges (Olympics)

The most fun you can have on two wheels, Segway team challenges is a fun and unique activity sure to bring laughter and excitement to the team. These amazing machines only take minutes to learn how to operate and then you’re away. Depending on the group size you will be split into smaller groups to test your Segway skills on an array of different courses and obstacles. Teams must work together to navigate their way through the different challenges and obstacles set out. This is a great way to work on communication skills, leadership skills, delegation and cooperation. Your team will come away from the activity encouraged and will have established a closer bond.


Minute to Win It – indoor and evening team building activities Brisbane

5. Minute to Win It

Just like the popular TV show, you have a “Minute to Win it!” This fun and interactive event will have you rolling with laughter. You will be at a table with your team and competing against other tables in tricky and entertaining challenges all while enjoying a meal. One person from each table is selected by the team to participate in a challenge, each person at the table getting a turn to put their skills to the test. Just as the title says you have a “Minute to Win it” which puts your ability to work under pressure to the ultimate test. Some examples of the type of tasks you can expect are: Bite the Bickie – Contestants will place an Oreo on their forehead and try to manoeuvre the biscuit down their face and into their mouth. Contestants can only use facial movements in their attempt to win. Fish Head – Participants are given a fishing rod with a lamp shade attached to the end of the line. While blindfolded contestants must try to land the lamp shade on their head. This is one night you are sure to remember!

Mix and Match Your Team Building Experiences!

Why not try a few? All team building activities work to different strengths and different skills. Our best of Brisbane selection all help build your team in new and interesting ways! Contact us for more information on the best team building activities.


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