Celebrate the End of Financial Year

Out top 5 Team Building Activities

The end of financial year is only a few weeks away. Why not Celebrate the end of another successful year by rewarding your team with a team building activity, or Book an event to start the New Financial year off. Team Building Activities are a fantastic way to get your team together to celebrate, or motivation for the planning needed for the next financial cycle.

Here are just some of the ideas that you could use for EOFY:

1. Team Diorama


In this team building activity, teams will be responsible to create their own diorama or 3D model based on a theme. They’ll have access to a variety resources and they would need to work together to create a masterpiece that will showcase their team’s visions.

This activity challenges teams’ creativity and ability to work together to achieve a specific goal.

2. Team Building with Light


Teams show off their artist skills with this interesting and unique activity. Each participant has the chance to become a master light painter. This team building event makes use of long exposure photography that captures light on photos in a creative way. Not only is this a creative way for teams to bond and work together, but they also have memories and art work to bring home afterwards.

3. Street Art Workshop – Melbourne


This 2-hour team building activity unleashes participants’ street creativity. Teams will learn how to create their very own street art stencil. Each participant can take home the stencil they created and one spray painted artwork.

The activity also includes a meet and greet with street artists, professional street art demos, stenciling techniques and so much more. The best artwork will have a prize given by the Street Artist Facilitator.

4. Charity Survivor


Outwit, Outplay and Outlast the opposition—for the benefit of the youth living and surviving on the streets.

In this activity, teams will play Survivor with a twist. Their aim is to build “Survival Packs” or backpacks filled with a variety of items fit for “survival”. Each team must collect a specified number of items during each activity. The first one to fill their backpacks win.

Activities included in this event are Accuracy Sling, Tent Build and River IQ.

5. Charity Lego Challenge

All States

This team building combines artistic construction skills with the gift of giving. Charity Lego Challenge is an activity that gets teams working hard to earn a box of Legos from a series of activities. Once the activities are completed, the teams will then brainstorm an original design using the Lego boxes they earned. The most original creation will be awarded the Lego Champions. A local children’s charity will receive the donation of Lego boxes to play with afterwards. It’s a fun and heartwarming activity that anyone will enjoy.

A team event to wrap up the end of financial year is a rewarding way to show everyone they’re appreciated. But if your team requires something more than the activities listed above, a customised team building option might be better. Not only will the activities be more suited to your team, the approach and end goal will also meet the needs of your team.


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