Share the LOVE and have FUN

Amazing Charity Activities

Doing two things at the same time may be something new to explore.

To give back to your community and have fun with a team building activity is possible!

Here are some reasons why you should consider booking a Charity team building activity:

  • Charity work can help others learn
  • Charity work can give you a new perspective
  • Charity work teaches humility
  • Charity work can inspire others
  • In Charity work, you can learn a new skill
  • Charity works let you give back to the community
  • Charity work lets you experience something larger than yourself
  • Charity work rewards last longer than cash
  • Charity workers experience synchronicity

Here are some of our charity events you can consider for your next team building activity.

Charity Survivor

Survivor with a twist! The aim of this program is to build “Survival Packs” which will ultimately be donated to Anglicare to assist the youth living and surviving on our streets.

Charity – Fill It Up

Each team has a mission to fill a trailer/bin or wheelbarrow with donatable goods within an allocated time frame. The real incentive is not the race but the reward of these items being donated to charity.

Robot Wars

Imagine building your very own Robot, coding its movements and then directing your Robot through an obstacle course. Better yet, imagine racing other teams Robots while you are at it.

The amazing final twist of this program is that you will be donating all of your Robots to a pre-determined local school.

Charity Build – Flat Pack Frenzy

A fun, challenging but very rewarding activity was suitable for those that want to give to the community.

Charity Bike Building Activity

Your team is the mechanic, engineer and ultimate gift giver. Watch for delighted smiles and overwhelmed joy when your company donates bikes to a special children’s charity.

Lego Challenge

This is an energetic program that has your team working hard to earn their Lego pieces and getting creative as they create their final Lego masterpiece. Creative juices start to flow for not only the build but the all-important sales pitch. The Lego will be donated to children from a local Children’s charity

Take some time to plan and start the year right with these team-building activities. To learn more about this, feel free to contact us.

Download our resource on 8 Ways to Maximise Your Charity Team Building Activity