Spring into the Amazing Race Perth

What better way to celebrate the warmer weather than a frantic race around the best bits of Perth? Perth offers an array of amazing races so you can choose the perfect adventure for your team. Amazing races are fantastic for developing bonds between employees, reinforcing company messages of speed, efficiency, determination, communication and trust as well as ensuring everyone has a good laugh. At Team Building Made Easy we have handpicked the best Amazing races in Perth so on your marks, get set and RACE!

Amazing Race - great race - participants reading next clue
Amazing Race – great race

Amazing Race Perth – Great Race

Pack into the minibus and drive off into the sunset because the Great Race has begun! Teams are provided with a 12-seater minibus to get them to the different ‘countries’ of the race. With clues along the way guiding you to the right country, enjoy this romp of an adventure with your colleagues getting silly in a minibus. The Great Race encourages friendly competition, leadership, time management, strategy, communication and team work and last between 3 to 4 hours. So what are you waiting for? Get racing


Amazing race around Perth - winning team celebrating with a trophy
Amazing race around Perth

Amazing Race Around Perth

Is your team between 10 and 200 people? Well Amazing Race Around Perth is for you. Race Around takes your team on a wild goose chase around the most iconic parts of the city, challenging your team to multi-sensory puzzles, hilarious physical challenges, problem solving tasks, building challenges and interactive game playing. We guarantee everyone will be in stitches by the end of this one. Amazing Race Around runs for approximately 3 hours.



winning team in the Amazing Charity race Perth
Amazing Charity race Perth

Amazing Charity Race Perth

Feel better about making a complete goose of yourself in the Amazing Charity Race as the proceeds of this incredible adventure go towards the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. The charity race suits all levels of fitness and mobility and is designed to get everyone interacting and exploring new parts of Perth using GPS technology. The Amazing Charity Race is rather theatrical with your facilitators playing characters in the ‘narrative’ of your race. This brilliant team building activity can be incorporated into the evening entertainment for a conference.



Amazing Go race Perth winning team
Amazing Go race Perth

Amazing Race Perth – Go Race

Go Race uses QR technology to guide your race, teams scan codes which provide them with directions to the next location. This race is not just about reaching the finish line first! Teams are awarded time credits and time penalties depending on their performance in the numerous challenges along the way. You get to decide where you start and finish and the race coordinators will design the race for you in that area. Go Race works particularly well around the Perth CBD but can easily be adapted to any area you want!



Amazing Race - Great race Challenge - Perth participants dressed up
Amazing Race – Great race Challenge – Perth

Amazing Race Perth – Great Race Challenge

Get out your cameras and strike a pose for the amazingly flexible Great Race Challenge. This race sees your team racing through a custom designed course that allows everybody’s individual skills to shine. After each challenge is completed your team must take a fantastic photo to prove it, a hilarious memento of your mad race. Great Race challenge is usually conducted outdoors but if it is raining the coordinators can relocate it to a large indoor area like a shopping center.


On your Marks

Don’t you just feel warmer thinking about all that Spring racing? Celebrate your city and make some close bonds, fast decisions, mad dashes and madder laughs with your colleagues! Team building made easy provides the cream of the crop of team building activities. If you would like to find out more about the amazing races in Perth, contact us.


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