Amazing Race - Amazing Challenge team building activity


The Amazing Race - Amazing Challenge team building activity begins with an exciting opening ceremony where your team will meet your charismatic race host. After a brief introduction of how the game will work the group will be split into teams. Each team is given their race kit including a checkpoint list and a map.


What happens during the Amazing Race - Amazing Challenge team building activity

Teams will need to decide the order in which they complete set tasks; careful planning and a clever strategy will set teams apart and is really what this game is all about. The opening task will ignite the competitive spirit and will determine which teams begin first. Various challenges and bonus missions will ensure that speed is not the deciding factor as you navigate your way through the CBD in search of our checkpoints to collect clues.


So bring your camera, your walking shoes and get set for the most fun your team has had while at work. Team building just got fun. This style of game is really what we do best.


Example Amazing Race Challenge Include: 


All In The Timing: Teams must take a photograph in front of a specific clock located in the CBD at a specific time; miss it and you could be waiting for a while...this really puts your route planning and strategy to the test.


Tim Tam Slam: A timed food based relay involving some interesting combinations of our Aussie favourites! This checkpoint goes off with a bang! The fastest performing teams will get bonus points.


Paparazzi Bomb:  A sabotage mission that requires you to stealthily snap a photo of another team without them noticing, whilst making sure you're in the shot too! Not as easy as it sounds...


Chinese Chaser:  Teams must make their way to Chinatown and purchase a Chinese delicacy. While on a tram, they must then convince a stranger to pose for a photo with the item in their mouth, using no hands.


Build or Boogie: Teams face a detour, a choice between two challenges both with their own pros and cons. In Build, teams will need to solve a very difficult pyramid puzzle, this takes time but is less embarrassing than the alternative. In Boogie, teams must complete one full revolution of Tina Turner's Nutbush City Limits dance to the satisfaction of their race host.

Tin Towers: Teams have a 10m roll of Aluminium Foil and have precisely four minutes to build a tower higher than 1m, successful teams will receive bonus points.

Bar Challenge: Teams are given an actual jigsaw puzzle that teams will need to put together. Once completed a number combination code will be revealed, teams will need to crack the code and come up with a phrase like "90% of the game is half mental" repeat that phrase to receive your next clue.



Minimum and Maximum Time Required: 2 - 3 hours

Minimum and Maximum Group Size: 10 - 300


Next Steps

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