Circus and Aerial Team Building activity


In today’s challenging work environment, juggling tasks, managing risk, balancing outcomes, quick decision making and placing trust in colleagues are all skills that are needed daily.


A circus and aerial team building experience is geared towards improving communication, breaking down barriers and developing solutions amongst your team.


What happens during The Circus and Aerial Team Building activity?


The session begins with fun and energetic drama games to establish strong group dynamics. The group will be broken into smaller groups and they will take part concentrated in skills development with our professional circus instructors.


The group will be instructed in the following skills:


Acrobatics and acrobalance
Together the group will learn how to balance on one another and build human pyramids. Participants will develop a strong sense of trust with one another and enhance their group co-operation skills.


Learning to climb a lyra, hang upside down from a trapeze and perform manoeuvres on a lyra. Each person will work to break down their perceptions of their own physical limitations,and encourage their colleagues as they do the same.



Feeling what it's like to have the ground pulled out from underneath, learn how to negotiate space and energy in an unfamiliar situation. Participants will experience the feeling of anxiety, and be learn to overcome by experiencing how even the slightest adjustment can solve the problem.


Juggling and Manipulation
Balls, clubs, plates and hula hoops. Participants will take on more and more, teaching them the invaluable skill of multitasking.


Performance Making
Drama games and performance making skills that are fun and great for developing on the spot creative and lateral thinking. Juggling, hula hoops, devil sticks and diablo will be taught in this session.



The circus is all about performing. The group will be asked to work together, with an instructor, using the skills they have learnt to devise a performance to show each other. Although a great challenge, Circus Arts is a non-confronting experience. Instructors will work with each individual's ability to bring out the best in them and the group.


Participants will have to think laterally and bring solutions focus to the task at hand. They will have to allow themselves to rely on their colleagues and allow themselves to be relied upon. They will have to work together, encourage each other, assume leadership roles and break down personal barriers.




Minimum and Maximum time required
Sessions can be as short as one hour or as long as five hours. The recommended session length is 2-3 hours.

Minimum and Maximum group size

Sessions run with a minimum of 9 participants and can run at the Aerialize training space with up to 50 participants. Larger sessions can be organised on request.

Activity level and type of group this is suited to
Participants will never be forced to engage in an activity they do not feel comfortable with, but will be asked to assume ‘spotter’ roles if they wish to decline an activity.

Venue restrictions or requirements
Workshops held outside the Aerialize training space may not be able to include aerial activities, due to the rigability of aerial equipment in the chosen venue. Contact us for a quote to host your event at your chosen venue, and a list of the activities that can be included.


Objectives achieved from completing the Circus and Aerial Team Building Activity


  • Fosters skill-sharing and a sense of play
  • Develop a strong sense of trust by allowing themselves to be relied upon and by relying on others
  • Build confidence through a physical awareness
  • Open communication and group co-operation
  • Challenge themselves to break down inhibitions, and overcome perceived limitations
  • Be solutions focused as individuals and within a group
  • Confront personal fears in the presence of work colleagues
  • Be progressive in a group environment.


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