The Sydney Circus team building activities highlights the benefits of trust and collective performance, challenges personal limits, encourages communication and breaks down boundaries.

Everything you need to know about the Circus and Flying Trapeze- Sydney team building activity

The Circus Team building corporate workshops have been designed to be both challenging and fun! The team building workshops can be customized to incorporate specific corporate goals and have proved to be extremely effective in developing individual potential and in promoting group cohesion.

We are committed to reliving the result you are after by determining your goals, gaining an insight into your team and tailoring a workshop to meet your needs.

What happens during the Circus and Flying Trapeze- Sydney team building?
The day includes a welcome and safety introduction, warm up games and circus skills rotations with the feature of the day being the high flying trapeze. Similar to those seen in the big top, the 10m high trapeze will be the highlight of your day, giving participants an opportunity to overcome fears, explore personal boundaries and support colleagues as they take the ultimate leap of faith. This exhilarating and unique experience is one that will bond a team and create shared memories for years to come.Teams will participate in activities that highlight the benefits of trust, dependency, collective performance and encouragement. There are also solo activities which challenge personal limits, and group skills which encourage communication and break down boundaries. Flexibility and adaptability to change are also explored via team challenges and improvisations. Teams are tested both mentally and physically, supporting each other to overcome fears and celebrate successes.

Available skills include:

  • High Flying Trapeze
  • Hula Hoops
  • Tight wire
  • Staff twirling
  • Juggling
  • Acro-balance
  • Pyramid building
  • Low trapeze

Activities and Benefits achieved from completing the Circus and Flying Trapeze- Sydney team building event

  1. Acro-balancing - Teambuilding and Trust
  2. Tight-rope - Balance and Belief in oneself
  3. Low trapeze - Strategy and Strength
  4. Juggling and Hula Hoop - Multi-tasking and Motivation
  5. High Flying Trapeze Challenge boundaries and Confidence boosting. Mobile Circus skills also available.
  6. Mobile Circus skills also available.


Minimum and Maximum group size: 10 - 25 people

Minimum and Maximum time required: 1.5 - 2 hours

This activity is suited for anyone aged 5+. All levels of abilities including special needs.

** Please bring sunscreen, water and a camera! Ensure that you and your staff wear fitted workout gear.

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