Team building with a difference where horses are the coaches

Everything you need to know about Communication Through Horses team building activity

So what makes this team and leadership development programs different? The horses are our coaches.

As prey animals, horses have incredibly astute senses and are highly sensitive to the energy, intention, actions and body language of humans. As such, horses can serve as a barometer for non-verbal communication, therefore helping the individual recognise how their non- verbal cues may be affecting their relationships with others.

Having honest, immediate and totally non-judgmental feedback, horses are a leveller that no human coach can match. They have no agenda, and know nothing about the office politics – they don’t know if you are a CEO or the intern. Horses react to the real person.

What happens during Communication Through Horses Team building activity

Through a series of group based activities with the horses, participants build greater awareness of themselves and their colleagues. As a result they improve communication and leadership skills, focus and motivation. Further developing emotional intelligence, self-confidence and self-awareness that lays the foundation for truly authentic leadership.

Dividing the group into smaller teams, with one horse assigned to each team as their additional team member. Before the second session team members will be swapped around.

This can be run as a full day or half day program.



Minimum: 2 hours

Maximum: 6 hours

Group Size

Minimum: 4 participants

Maximum: 24 participants

Team sizes are usually 2-5 people per team, depending on the activity.

This activity is not very physically activity with only some walking required therefore is suitable to all participants from the ages 12 and up.

Venue restrictions or requirements

Each participant to sign a waiver

Wear closed toe shoes (preferably boots, gumboots, runners/sneakers acceptable) as well as comfortable weather appropriate clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dusty and dirty.


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Activity Details
  • Outdoor
  • 2 - 6 hours
  • $$$$
  • Daytime
Number of People
  • 0-20
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