Cooking - Amazing Race Food Challenge team building activity

This team cooking challenge is designed as a hybrid it uses the same theme with the Amazing Race. This will suit a variety of event style where you want your team to have some great fun plus some challenges along the way. Experience the highlight of Victoria Street with Asian foods in the fun and unique team building activity for up to 30 people.


What happens during Cooking - Amazing Race Food Challenge team building activity

Working in teams up to 5, you travel around some of Richmond great food store to complete a range of fun checkpoint tasks to complete a dish or two. You finish down in the main kitchen with some final cooking tasks and finish the dish.


Our standard course starts North Richmond Train Station and finishes at the main kitchen at 360 Victoria Street. We follow a course that includes 4-5 times along the way you’ll walk along Victoria Street, complete some challenges and get back in to crack your next destination clue. The challenge is set up for about 1.5 hours plus 1.5 hours team entertaining.


  • Meet up with a chef at Victoria Street gateway
  • Go to Vietnamese Coffee House for a recipe with optional having a coffee here
  • Pick up vegetable and herbs at Saigon Village
  • Pick up Dry Good at Minh Phat supermarket
  • Pick up Meat at Son Butcher
  • Pick up Fish and Seafood at Hai Phu
  • Then you will cook at the main kitchen the dish that you have picked.


The final leg of the challenge is conducted by the whole team eating and enjoying the wonderful food you have started. In the end, each of the teams will vote on the other teams' dishes giving a score out of 10. Then, all of the challenge points will be tallied up and the team with the most points will win the Amazing Race!


Menu Sample

  • Vietnamese rice paper rolls
  • Thai fishcake
  • Sushi with salmon and avocado
  • Pork in banana leaf
  • Fried wonton with sweet and sour pineapple sauce
  • Rice Dumplings


Please note the meal you are eating will be catered by the providers' catering team in shared large plasters. Foods, beverage, chefs and venue are included in the price.


Minimum and maximum hours: 3 hours
Minimum number of participants: 10
Maximum number of participants: 30
Ideal group/team size: 5 members

Next Steps

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Activity Details
  • Indoor + Outdoor
  • 3 hours
  • $$$$
  • Daytime
Number of People
  • 0-20, 20-40
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