Create Culture Workshop

Did you know that everyone, yes everyone, wants to be part of a great company culture? A positive, strong, supportive culture can make a remarkable difference to productivity and performance. Communication, collaboration, support, and teamwork are all far more effective in a positive culture and as a result everything is easier.

Contrast this with the alternative. A poor workplace culture breeds negativity, gossip, and bitterness. People don’t talk to each other and trust is low or nonexistent. In the worst cases teams actively sabotage each other. It makes you wonder how anything gets done.

You can create a great organisational culture and it’s easier than you think. You don’t need complex surveys or data, you just need to understand the steps involved.

The “Create Culture Workshop” clearly outlines the steps you need to follow to create a great workplace culture. Each step is explained through interactive exercises that give participants the chance to learn the steps and work on their own workplace culture at the same time.

Benefits of the Create Culture Workshop

Through this workshop you will learn why workplace culture is so important and the consequences of ignoring it. You’ll get a simple definition of company culture that makes it easy to understand. You will also get the most practical guidance on how to create something extraordinary at your workplace through a step by step process that you will start applying immediately. Throughout the workshop you will also have the opportunity to work on your own workplace culture while learning the simple “create culture” methodology.

You will walk away with the skills and understanding to create an inspiring and motivating culture for your whole organisation.

This is for leaders, HR and anyone else that want to understand the most practical way to create an amazing organisational culture.

This workshop is presented by a facilitator with over 30 years experience working with organisations to develop culture, leadership, and teams. He uses interactive discussion, energising activities, and skillful presentation to teach you the principles that will empower you to something amazing.

Participate in this workshop and before you know it you could be enjoying all the benefits of a strong, positive, and supportive culture.

What happens during Create Culture Workshop

This workshop starts with an energetic activity that gets the group thinking about mindsets and behaviour, which are essential elements of culture. Participants are then engaged in the steps needed to create a great organisational culture. You will work through each step in an interactive workshop that includes small group discussion. Through this process you will learn the skills to create a great company culture and will develop a deeper understanding of your own workplace culture.


 Minimum and Maximum Time Required

Minimum: 1.5 hours

Maximum: Full day – 8 hours

Minimum and Maximum Group Size

Minimum: 6

Maximum: No limit

Ideal group size 30 or more.

This activity can now be run remotely to small groups via Zoom - contact us to know more.

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Activity Details
  • Indoor
  • 1.5-8 hours
  • $$
  • Daytime + Nighttime
Number of People
  • 0-20, 20-40, 40-60, 60-80, 100+
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