Hipster Homicide team building event

Hipster Homicide is an investigative team building activity that is located in Brisbane's West End and Sydney's Surry Hills. Will your team be able to solve the murder mystery in time?


The Hipster Homicide is an interactive murder mystery around the funky Surry Hills or West End wine bar and coffee district. This 2-3hour mind-bending event will see your team solving a murder that has links to the ever-cool underbelly of the Surry Hills or West End illegal hipster coffee trade.


What happens during the Hipster Homicide team building event?


Your group will be split into teams by our gregarious event hosts who will arm them with a cold case murder file. The teams will then set about Surry Hills, or West End in search of clues and challenges a couple of which go to some funky little wine bars ultimately trying to solve the murder of Jack ‘Jak’ Miller one of Surry Hills, or West End most successful coffee brewers who had a hipster beard to die for. He was murdered. This tongue in cheek challenge is similar to an escape room style game but outdoors around funky Surry Hills, or West End.



Minimum and maximum time required:  2-3hours

Minimum and maximum group size: 8-50

Ideal Group Size: 8-50

Recommended Team Sizes: Ideal team number of people in each team is 4-7.

Best Suited To: Team Building with a difference, socials, ‘cluey’ types, creative agencies

Venue Restrictions or requirements: As this event goes to a couple of bars we are limited to their operating hours – we can’t start this event before 11.00AM but dependent on the day of the week.


Outcomes achieved from completing the Hipster Homicide team building event

  • Problem Solving
  • Strategy
  • Team Work
  • Change Management
  • Socialising with colleagues


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Activity Details
  • Outdoor
  • 2-3 hours
  • $$
  • Daytime + Nighttime
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