Laser Clay Shooting team building event

It’s an interactive, fun, enjoyable activity that anyone can participate in and enjoy.



Not only is Clay Laser Shooting environmentally friendly but it can be played virtually anywhere (you need a space about the size of a tennis court), day-time or night-time. Regardless of age, skill or fitness levels, you and your colleagues will work the "trigger finger" and compete on a level playing field with this fun, safe and unconventional twist on clay pigeon shooting.


Clay Laser Shooting is very popular and is often combined with activities such as SegLympics or Giant Foosball to create a truly unforgettable experience either as a standalone team building day or as part of your next conference. Laser Clay Shooting is a perfect team building or team bonding activity for all ages and genders. It's an activity that is different and fun for everyone.

What happens during the Laser Clay team building event?

Once everyone arrives, they are put into teams where they will shoot off against each other. After a quick tutorial on the correct use of the equipment, it’s time for the challenge to begin. As you set your sights to the sky a disk is released from the conventional launcher.


Up to five participants at a time then test their speed, concentration and predictive skills by firing a real but modified shotgun’s high-tech infrared transmitter (just like a remote TV remote control) at the target. To make the activity more exciting, a module scoreboard generates the shotgun “bang” whenever the trigger is pulled. If your aim is on-target, the sound of a crackling disk is reproduced over the scoreboard which signals your success.


There are a variety of different challenges that can be undertaken including;

  • Skill Shoot: If the clay target is hit, the player is awarded two points for their first successful shot and one point for the second.
  • Rapid Fire: Who can hit the clay target first. Five points awarded to the first participant to hit the target and points descend down to one point to the last participant to hit the target.
  • Speed Shoot: Ready Set Go. The first participant to hit the target is awarded a point all the rest go back to the drawing board.


If we find any crack shots amongst your team, then they have to perform additional obstacle challenges such as spinning around three times and then trying to find the target while dizzy and score a hit through to push-ups and other challenging tasks.


Throughout the activity, team members are constantly rotating and having a go. Everyone gets to cheer and the look on peoples faces as they achieve and score on or two direct hits is priceless.


Benefits achieved from competing for the Laser Clay Shooting team building event

There is no time for procrastination in this activity, just like in business, often you need to make quick decisions and this is vital if you are to score a direct hit and earn vital points for your team. Teamwork is paramount to being successful in this activity, those teams that encourage, give each other tips and training and work together as a group are the most likely champions.

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