The Pottery Workshop team building activity is a creative workshop that involves team work, individual work and bonding with colleagues while making your masterpiece.

Everything you need to know about the Pottery Workshop team building activity

Pottery is forming a clay body into objects of a required shape and heating them to high temperatures to make then permanently strong. A clay body can be decorated before or after firing. Prior to some shaping processes, clay must be prepared. Kneading or wedging ensures an even moisture content and removal of air throughout the body. Once a clay body has been kneaded and de-aired, it is shaped by a variety of techniques, such as wheel throwing, hand building, slab building, coil building, pinching. After shaping it is dried and fired. Before the first firing pottery can be decorated with variety of surface decorating techniques. After the first firing it can be decorated with glazes, transfers, decais, ceramic pencils, etc. Then pottery fired for the second time and is ready to be used.

What happens during the Pottery Workshop team building activity?

The Pottery teambuilding workshops are designed to last around 2 hours. There are 3 options:

    • Your team can spend 2 hours wheel throwing of handbuilding pottery from clay. Pottery from sessions are usually recycled, but if anyone from your group falls in love with the pieces they have made they can either sign up for 2 additional classes to finish their piece or have it finished by designated pottery makers at a specific price.
    • This option consists of 2 parts. In the first part of the workshop participants will see a throwing demonstration and will practice throwing 3 pieces on the wheel. In the second half of the workshop participants will choose 2 pieces of various premade pottery and decorate them in designs of their own choice. These two pieces will be available for participants to take home.
    • Your group can spend 2 hours glazing and decorating 2 premade pieces per person. These pieces can be picked up from the studio after they are fired.


There will be a good chance of getting clay drops on clothes and shoes, therefore participants are recommended to wear casual clothes. Comfortable pants help to sit close to the wheel, long hair tied back and trimmed fingernails help to work comfortably.

Benefits gained from completing the Pottery Workshop team building activity?

Different stages of making pottery may be attractive to different people. But general consensus is that it is a very calming, stress releasing and meditative activity. It is also a very fulfilling activity, which ends up with a tangible and beautiful result in your hand to use or admire. Discussing different ideas may help each individual in the group to think of the most desirable for them piece of pottery and decoration. Also the group may decide to produce a set of pottery together, for example a tea, coffee, or dinner set. This will involve planning and discussions and team work.

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Activity Details
  • Indoor
  • 3 hours
  • $$
  • Daytime + Nighttime
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  • 0-20
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