Everything you need to know about Remote Office Olympics Team Building Event

In these difficult times many work offices have been thrown into chaos. A large range of teams are now working remotely, thus making it vitally important to keep everyone connected and ensure the team stays engaged.

The Remote Office Olympics remote team building activity is designed to lift team spirit, enhance engagement and allow teams to connect and collaborate in a different way. It also importantly allows your staff to have a bit of fun and to take a break from the stress that is currently around us. It is also a way to look after your teams mental health. A great team building activity for teams during lockdown.


What happens during the Remote Office Olympics Team Building Event?

Remote Office Olympics is a fun, remotely managed online collaboration-based team challenge that is played remotely from your office or from your home. Participants simply login via a mobile adventures app on their phone or tablet.  This will connect them and allow them to work in small teams remotely. Guided by our referee & our interactive app, events with fun team challenges will be released onto the phone or tablet for them to complete. Event challenges could see you solving brainteaser tasks, answering fun trivia or participating in fun collaboration-based photo and video challenges. Teams will need to be creative whilst working remotely, utilising different modes of communication like FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangout to complete some challenges. Teams will score points for every task and challenge they complete. After all events have been completed, the team with the most points will win Gold.


The program is very flexible in that you can choose to play it over 2 hours on a day of your choice or perhaps you want to spread it out across 2, 5 or 10 days to ensure your team stays connected and to inject a bit of fun each day. Teams can complete the challenges in their own time or we can schedule the Remote Office Olympics to be at a certain time each day. The choice is yours.

One thing is for sure, Remote Office Olympics will challenge your team to connect in a different way like never before. The only question that remains is will take out gold, silver and bronze.

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