Everything you need to know about Skynet - Online Team Building Activity

In this activity you will need to work as a team, and to put all your skills to the test if you want to come out on top at the end of each weekly challenge and claim the ultimate victory.  This is an exciting and fun virtual online team building activity. It is sure to connect teams and boost positive team culture, a great team building activity during lockdown.

What happens during Skynet - Online Team Building Activity

Each week your team will need to log on to the online team building platform where they will access a new activity.  Key topics will be included and will focus on your organisation, your team, creativity and collaboration.

Skynet - Online team building activity will bring your team closer together, without necessarily being in the same city, state or even country. A great team building activity in lockdown.  As many people are still very busy while they are working from home, each virtual team challenge is quick and easy to access. The activities are also fun and with some competitive components, after all there is nothing wrong with a little bit of healthy competition. Teams will be awarded points at the end of each activity based on the speed, accuracy and team work they displayed during the challenge.

At the end of each week, teams will be able to access their leaderboard. This will help teams keep track of how they are progressing, and how the other teams measure up.  After the final challenge has been completed, the team at the top of the leaderboard will be announced as Skynet virtual game champions.  (Giving you something to brag about in your next online company meeting).

Six Week Overview

Week 1: Business Week

It is vital to know information about your business and the people in it.  This set of Challenges will highlight your company values while learning about the company and the business.

Week 2: Problem Solving Week

In week 2, teams will face a series of problems that will highlight the importance of problem solving not only for them as an individual, but also as a team.

Week 3: Gaming Week

This week is all about fun. It is important that should also be having fun with your colleagues so this week is all about activities to promote FUN!

Week 4: Creativity Week

Creativity in the workplace can sometimes be overlooked . This week we challenge the right side of your brain as your team shows off their creative flair.

Week 5: Collaborative Week

A collaborative and cohesive team might be harder to achieve at the moment. So the focus this week is on Team work. It will be imperative to work as a team if you want to solve this weeks challenges and secure bragging rights.

Week 6: Judgement Day

Reaching the final week it is time to tackle one last challenge.  This challenge will encompass all the different themes that your team has faced over the past 5 weeks. Which team will claim victory and be crowned champions?


  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Increased business awareness
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Fun


Team Size: Suitable for groups of any number (max. 5 per team)

Length: 1-2hours or 20-30 mins over 4-6 weeks (Your team can select a time that suits you)

Minimum Software Requirements: A computer with internet access, an email address, access to webinar platform.


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