Participants get an opportunity to create their own masterpiece by having teams complete a portion each of a bigger picture (usually a Picasso) using real paints, brushes and canvases.

Everything you need to know about the Art - Masterpiece team building activity

Participants (in several teams) are required to complete one portion each of a bigger picture (usually a Picasso) using real paints, brushes and canvases.   Sounds simple?

Unfortunately creating your own masterpiece cannot be done alone and teams will need to understand the importance of teamwork and communication in order to create their own amazing piece of artwork.

By the end, everyone will learn that together, you can achieve great things.  Masterpiece Painting is the perfect event to instill leadership, communication, collaboration and delegation into a single event.

What happens in the Art -Masterpiece team building activity

Once leaders are chosen (1 – 2 depending on the number of participants), teams are given the image of the famous artwork they need to recreate.  It is then left to the group to work out their teams, delegate roles and responsibilities, and to ensure everyone is on the same page in what they are setting out to achieve.  The leader needs to constantly communicate with all the teams to ensure that each canvas lines up, and that all the shades match.  This is very important as when all the individual canvases are brought together, it needs to represent one seamless piece of art – as if it was one painted by a single artist.

The activity can be facilitated in any spacious indoor environment, Masterpiece Painting is a relaxing and fun event where teams can paint to soothing background music as they create their piece of art.

All the equipment is provided for the event including canvases, paint brushes, paint, ponchos, drop sheets, pencils etc.  All we require are the tables and chairs and the room – we even do all the clean-up.  Best thing is that you then get to take the paintings back to the office and display it on the boardroom wall.

So if you are after an event that is not only fun, but requires creativity, teamwork, communication and leadership, try your hand at painting your own piece of art in Masterpiece Painting.

Benefits achieved from completing the Art - Masterpiece team building activity

  • Leadership & Delegation (team members get an opportunity to lead their team and delegate roles to everyone to ensure the masterpiece is completed within the designate timeframe
  • Team building (great social / fun activity to get to know your work colleagues better)
  • Fun (individuals can experience painting using proper materials in a relaxed atmosphere)
  • Creativity (encourages individuals to paint and mix colours to suit the desired finish required).
  • Communication (participants must communicate with each other to ensure that when the finished artwork fits seamlessly together)
  • Collaboration (collaborating and cooperating with the other teams to ensure the finished artwork is a true masterpiece painted by a single cohesive group)


  • 1 – 2 Facilitators
  • Formal briefing and debrief
  • Public liability insurance for up to 20 million dollars
  • Artwork chosen and provided based on client objectives and outcomes
  • Water based acrylic paints, brushes and canvases
  • Pencils, erasers & mixing palettes
  • Protective ponchos for participants
  • Relaxing background music to suit mood of the session
  • Drop sheets and table coverings
  • Photos from the memorable event provided on a USB (to be sent after the day of the event)



Minimum to Maximum number of people: 12-200

Ideal Time Size: 3-6 people per team

Duration: 2-3 hours


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Activity Details
  • Indoor
  • 2-3 hours
  • $$$
  • Daytime + Nighttime
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  • 0-20, 20-40, 40-60, 60-80, 100+
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