There will be plenty of fun, hard work, and creative challenges in this program for charity with a twist. Knowing that the kennels will actually be used to help needy dogs makes all the effort worth while.

Everything you need to know about Give A Dog A Home team building activity?

Being able to contribute to a charitable cause by working as a team to build a dog kennel will provide so much pleasure for your group. Your staff will have to solve challenges in teams and go about building a dismantled kennel. This activity will develop vital team skills such as leadership, creativity, communication and problem solving, and culminate with a massive smile on everyone’s faces.

What happens during the Give A Dog A Home team building activity?

You will need to solve challenges and work together as a team and build a dismantled dog kennel.

The activity begins by first dividing into teams. You will then have to solve a series of challenges in order to win the materials for the next part of the team building event.

The biggest challenge is to turn these material into a dog kennel. Once teams complete the activities they will have the chance to select the right equipment they need for their dog kennel.  Paints, brushes, paper and basic decorating essentials are all up for grabs as team utilise what they have to create the most unique kennel.

The final step before the judging begins is the all-important “Sales Pitch”.  How can you captivate an audience, can you sell the item to almost anyone and will the judges get the buy in from your entertaining and creative pitch. When these are completed they will be appraised by a panel of judges.

Finally with  the realisation that all kennels will be going to a selected charity for lost or neglected dogs will make it all worthwhile. It is this dramatic change from a fun team building exercise into a scenario where the kennels will actually find a home will take everyone by surprise.

A representative of the charity presents medals to the winning team.

So how about it  - is your team up to Building a dog a Home?


Duration 3 hours - This is our suggestion, however the duration can be tailored to your needs.

Please note this program can be run indoors or outdoors. If you would like to go ahead in an outdoor area, we may need to purchase a park permit from the local council. The cost of this permit will be added to the quote.

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  • 3 hours
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