A great way to get your team involved in a Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building Activity.

Everything you need to know about the Par For A Cause team building activity

In this activity, teams create their own mini putt golf hole and then compete to navigate the entire putt putt course.

The twist: the materials are non-perishable food items, which are then donated to a local charity.

What happens during the Par For A Cause team building activity

Teams are assigned themed areas and non-perishable food items as props and tasked to build a mini putt golf hole.

Teams will compete against each other to build the most creative, crazy, unique and correctly-weighted mini putt hole.

The final step before the judging begins is the all-important “Sales Pitch” where participants must captivate the audience, sell the golf hole and convince the judges.

The fun reaches fever pitch as teams then play the entire course in an attempt to record the lowest overall score and become the ‘Par for a Cause’ champions.

With medals awarded and champions basking in their glory, the program takes on a deeper meaning as a representative from a local charity is introduced to be presented the food items used to create the course. This is where the teams really score a ‘Par for a Cause’ to help those in need.

Benefits of the Par For A Cause team building activity

  • Creativity
  • Strategy
  • Role delegation
  • The gift of giving
  • Teamwork
  • Fun

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