Theres no experience like the experience of cooking with friends and colleagues.

Everything you need to know about the Team Chef activity

Teams work together throughout the event to produce a fine dining experience. From shopping for ingredients, setting and decorating their table, designing a menu and cooking a main meal for all their team members to enjoy, this will be a culinary experience to remember as we unveil who is the best chef. 

What happens during the Team Chef activity

All teams are briefed and given an outline of the program as well as the overall objective, which is to design and cook the most delicious main course signature dish possible.

Teams will then be provided core ingredients plus cash to go shopping for meat, vegetables, herbs, spices, table settings and anything else to make their dishes stand out from the rest.

You will be given compulsory planning time to allocate tasks and decide on a menu. There is also a professional chef on hand to assist teams with menu ideas, cooking techniques, timings and flavour combinations. These chefs will be available to all teams throughout the challenge for assistance and to ensure teams create delicious dishes.

Team will have one hour to go shopping for their ingredients. (If there is no supermarket or shops nearby, we will provide each team with a mystery box of ingredients to complete the challenge)

Once teams arrive back to chef headquarters, it will be straight into the kitchen to start preparing their meals. You will have approximately 1.5 hours to produce your dishes, prepare table settings and plate up for judging.

Once the chef calls time, teams will serve their meals to the judging panel for tasting and scoring. The panel will taste each team’s signature dish and mark them on their taste, use of core ingredient, teamwork, presentation and creativity.

Teams will have the opportunity to present their dishes to the group, explaining what they have created and how they have used their core ingredient.

From the judge’s score, the winning team will be announced and rewarded. A chef’s choice award will also be presented to an individual who shone throughout the program. Following these awards, your teams get to sit down, relax and enjoy the fruits of their endeavours.


3 – 4 hours including meal time - This is our suggestion, however the duration can be tailored to your needs.

Please note, the costs for the venue hire and drinks is additional. We can work with you and a venue to organise this.

Next Steps

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