Workplace yoga classes incorporate exercise and relaxation, improving staff members’ physical and mental condition.  This activity will be sure to benefit the wellbeing of your organisation.

Everything you need to know about the Yoga team building activity

Yoga has been shown to help people deal with stress, anxiety and the simple aches and pains we get from sitting too long with poor posture. Our bodies were designed for standing, climbing, running and jumping - a far cry from today’s sedentary lifestyle - and the physical aspect of yoga can restore flexibility by releasing tension. The mental discipline boosts self-awareness and encourages spiritual growth.

What happens during the Yoga team building activity

Let an expert facilitator handle all preparations, planning and staging. We’ll provide an evaluation form to collect feedback and analyse results. We can accommodate requests for specific styles of yoga, as well as Yoga Nidra which is a form of deep relaxation practiced laying down. Attendees should bring comfortable clothing that allows a good range of movement. Please note that yoga mats are not included in this service. Ask participants to bring their own mat (or a towel from home), or ask us what we can do to provide some rental mats (subject to availability).

Benefits of completing the Yoga team building activity

Just arrive at the class with a positive intention and an open mind. Regular yoga practise will improve concentration, clarity of mind, decision-making and productivity. This class aims to infuse a deep sense of personal health and wellbeing, and benefits include:
• Relaxed alertness, clarity and focus
• Better problem solving skills and response to stress
• Positive energy in your workplace
• Quicker mental response time
• Enhanced self-awareness
• Increased morale, happiness and satisfaction levels


Minimum and Maximum time required
We suggest a 1-hour yoga class. Shorter sessions will be charged at the same rate as a 1-hour class.
Rather than exceeding the 1-hour session time, we recommend a term of weekly classes. Yoga is most beneficial when practiced regularly.
Minimum and Maximum Group Size
There is no minimum group size.

Activity level and type of group the Yoga team building activity is suited for

Everybody of all different fitness levels and ages can participate. Pregnant women and anyone with a chronic/serious muscular issue should make themselves known to the instructor prior to the start of the class.

Typically, the class is designed to accommodate beginners, but we can tailor the instruction to match the skill level of your group – just let us know in advance.

Next Steps

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