Laughter Workshop

Laughter is the best medicine. So laugh your head off in this stimulating event. Rekindle the ability to laugh, and ignite joy through this natural expression. The team that laughs together stays together. Our Laughter Workshop provides a unique group experience that dissolves stress, tension and pressure in minutes.




Your team will have lots of fun as they laugh themselves into a positive frame of mind and an improved sense of wellbeing. Laughter is used to exploring perceptions of our world and ourselves, gently challenging us to let go of ego and judgements and connect us with others. Laughter is a unifying experience and creates positive changes in the way people feel about each other. Laughter has both physical and psychological effects on wellbeing. In a time of rapid change and high workplace stress, humour is a great tool to use to develop staff resilience and maintain a positive outlook. It increases engagement levels and creates a healthy working environment, helping teams work better together and solve problems faster.


What Happens during the Laughter Workshop team building activity?

A typical Laughter Yoga Workshop runs for 1 hour but can be tailored to your conference schedule or requested time frame. It’s a presentation, led by a qualified and experienced Laughter Yoga Instructor, suitable for a wide range of groups and indoor venues.


The workshop will showcase some tips and techniques for personal health and wellbeing, and also reset old group behaviour patterns to induce a positive cultural shift. This is an active session, and your team will cooperate in games and activities. It’s guaranteed to be memorable - participants often say that it’s given them a new perspective on their workplace.


What teams will have to do in order to be successful in Laughter Workshop event?

Non-competitive minigames and activities will be used as part of the presentation, to break down barriers and have some hilarious fun. This workshop aims to demonstrate and teach an effective set of stress management techniques, which can be applied to everyday life. Laughing together will promote team cohesion and encourage open communication.

Other benefits include:

  • Instantly reduce pressure and tension
  • Increase energy and resilience to stress
  • Boost participation and engagement levels
  • Decrease absenteeism and staff turnover

Who is this activity mostly suited for?

Laughter Yoga is suitable for everyone. While the workshop is active and will get participants moving around the room, there’s no age or ability restriction. Laughter Yoga has been clinically tested in Australia as a therapy for chronic illnesses and disabilities.


Minimum and Maximum group size: No minimum or maximum

Ideal group size : 2 - 30 pax


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  • 1 hours
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  • Heather
    May 25, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    “Belly full of laughs”

    “I really like it – something different”

    “Great to use for changing mindset – negative to positive in everyday life”

    “Powerfully presented, very respectful and well-mannered to encourage participation”

    “Brilliant, could not stop laughing”

    “We need more of this.”

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