Everything you need to know about The Vault team building activity

The Vault team building activity is an interactive game of collaboration and teamwork that offers a challenging experience where all team members must work as one to steal the “Golden Eagle”.

“The Golden Eagle” is a rare artefact that is kept in the museums main vault and is protected by a series of alarms, pressure sensors and movement detectors. Your team’s challenge is to strategically navigate through the museum and avoid detection. Along the way your team will be faced with some challenging tasks that will need to be solved in order to not set off any alarms.

You think all that was tough, well once The Vault is located the real pressure starts. An alarm is triggered and the team must work quickly and decisively to deactivate the countdown timer or risk being caught…

Designed as an indoor team building event, this simulated game is best done as one team and is ideal with a group size under 30. You can expect a very interactive and enjoyable experience for all involved and a challenging experience of teamwork, planning, communication and perseverance.

Is your team ready for “THE VAULT”?

What Happens during The Vault team building activity?

The team must work together and move through the Museum avoiding detection to the main vault through a series of Alarms, pressor sensors and movement detectors.
Each section of the museum offers a new activity and if done successfully the team earns a number to the code.
Once an alarm is triggered and the team must work quickly to deactivate the countdown timer or risk being caught. An Interesting and Fun team building activity with great theming, interactive prop and challenging group activities.


  • Interactive
  • Challenging
  • Involves Planning, Communication and perseverance


  • Art Exhibit: Your team is required to reconstruct a museum artwork that they accidentally damaged. This activity will really test the teams communication skills as they try to piece it back together in the correct order.
  • Pressure Sensors: Strategy plays a big part in this challenge as your team moves through a given course avoiding the pressure sensors. Teamwork and trust will determine the outcome.
  • Space Exhibit: Teams must work together to lower a number of laser beams to gain access to some valuable clues.

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Activity Details
  • Indoor
  • 2 hours
  • $$
  • Daytime
Number of People
  • 0-20
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