10 Last minute Kris Kringle Ideas

It’s that time again, time to make a miracle out of a micro-budget for a colleague you probably don’t know all that much about. Kris Kringle or Secret Santa can be a huge amount of fun and really helps bond your team after a long year. However, it is a lot easier to be creative if you know your KK well, but as the luck of the draw would have it, in an office environment that is not always the case. We’ll help you steer clear of some of the classic boring numbers and really give your KK something to smile about. Here are 10 of our best foolproof suggestions that are useful, fun and festive.

1. A chicken

donate chickens to oxfarm as Kris Kringle present idea at your office christmas party
3 Chickens that can be donated as Kris Kringle presents

Nothing says I care about you like a chicken… donated to a family in South Africa. Your gift of a chicken will provide families an income, eggs and the ability to breed more chickens. At $10 its quirky, thoughtful and charitable, a rare find!

2. Movie ticket

give movie tickets to colleagues for a kris kringle present that will suit everyone
A great Kris Kringle idea is movie tickets for your office party

Everyone loves going to the movies but with the steep cost it can deter even the most devout cinephile. Help your KK catch the latest blockbuster or art house exclusive with a movie voucher. Dress it up with a funny card and bam, you’ve won Christmas.

NOTE: If they have expressed an interest in a particular genre of film e.g. Anime, surf documentaries or Swedish horror then a DVD really shows you care.

3. Stationary

fancy stationary and pens are a nice Kris Kringle idea for your office party
Nice Stationary is a Kris Kringle idea that will suit everyone at your office party

Stationary doesn’t have to be boring, in fact a beautiful journal is anything but! How about this Kikki K notepad cube? If you’re budget is a little higher you should have a look at these stunning Christian Lacroix journals that will have you screaming

4. A phone case

banana phone case is a fun and unusual kris kringle option at your office party
Give an unusual gift such as a banana phone case for Kris Kringle idea at your office party










Quickly check out what type of phone they have and buy a hilariously impractical phone case. Remember the aim of the game is to make it impossibly impractical, aka impossibly large. Don’t shy away from that giant banana or giraffe case.

5. Coffee cup

a red tea cup and saucer is a kris kringle gift to suit everyone in the office
Give an gift that will suit anyone – a coffee or tea cup – for Kris Kringle idea at your office party

An office can never get enough cups or mugs, get a cute one that will make your secret Santa laugh – I heart spreadsheets – anyone?

6. A book

a book is great kris kringle idea for your workmates
A book that you have enjoyed to read can be personalised gift for Kris Kringle idea at your office party

You really have to ascertain whether your Kris Kringle is a reader before trying for a book, or it will definitely end up in the 50c vinnies bin before the end of the day. If you’ve seen them with a Kindle or talking about how Game of Thrones compares to the books then perhaps a Penguin classic would not go astray. If you are completely stumped as to what book, have a look at the Time magazine’s list of the 100 best books of all time.

7. Water bottle

give a fancy water bottle as your kris kringle present at your work office party
A water unique or fancy water bottle is a great gift idea for Kris Kringle at your office party

Help prevent your KK from perpetuating the plastic and get them a cute, useful, hydrating and good for the environment water bottle. A nice sturdy water bottle will ensure your secret santa never suffers dehydration or a lack of cuteness particularly thanks to these Mr Men water bottles.

8. Tea

spice it up with some great tea varieties for your Kris Kringle office party
Most people drink tea and it is a great gift idea for Kris Kringle at your office party

Experiment with peppermint, go cray with earl grey? Tea may be a stock standard kris kringle option, but for a reason! It will make that 3pm slump much more bearable for your secret santa so don’t be afraid to lash out with tea.

9. 500 pencils

give the gift that keeps giving with a donation to education through UNICEF - Office Christmas party ideas
Give the gift that keeps giving with a donation to education through UNICEF for Kris Kringle at your office party

Along the same line as a chicken, you can buy your KK 500 pencils to give to children in the Central Africa Republic. There is nothing more special than giving a child the gift of education, particularly in countries where they so long to learn.

10. A Board Game

board games can help break the ice as a Kris Kringle present at your office party - may be good for team building as well
Board games are also a fun idea for Kris Kringle at your office party

Give them the gift of everlasting fun. We suggest Cards Against Humanity (if they’re not prudish), Citadels, Scrabble or newcomers like The Game or JARL: The Vikings Tile-Laying game.

Kris Kringle does not have to be an ordeal

Put in a little bit of thought and it will be a hilarious romp of fun. If you know your KK well then you are in luck and you can customise your gift to be something personal between the two of you. However, if you get lumped with someone you barely know, these are some great options to spice up your Kris Kringle and ensure that your gift does not end up re-gifted next year. If you have left all of your office Christmas activities to the last minute, check out our last minute team building activities which you can use to energise your team before the break


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