6 Last Minute Christmas Team Building Games

Worried you’ve left it too late? Fearing the possibility of an in office Christmas party eating half frozen party pies, listening to the grumbles of your colleagues? Never fear! We have a list of great last minute Christmas team building games for the busy team. They are fantastic, simple and we can (probably) find you a vacancy at this busy time of the year.

1. Give back this Christmas with Bike Factor

picture of a child receiving a bike that has been donated from a Charity Bike Build team building activity
Charity Bike Build team building activity

This emotionally charged, charity-based team building activity sees your team working together and communicating in order to build a bike. What they do not realise is that the bikes are not just being built for the purpose of the exercise but are actually being given as gifts to children from either a charity you choose or one we have an existing relationship with. The look of excitement on the kid’s faces is worth all the struggle of assembling the bikes. Bike factory is a wonderful team building Christmas activity and one of our most popular. It can be held indoor or outdoors, runs for around 4 hours, suits groups between 31 and 200 people and is held in all states in Australia.

2. Exercise your team building taste buds with Chocolate making

Chocolates made in a Chocolate making team building activity
Chocolate making team building activity

Invigorate your inner child by taking your team to a daytime or nighttime chocolate workshop. Learn the history of chocolate, the difference between milk, white and dark chocolate and how to make your own! Choose a mould and fill it with any number of flavours. While your chocolate sets, enjoy dipping strawberries, marshmallows, turkish delight and nuts into a chocolate fountain. Also we have it on good authority that the complimentary Rose petal hot chocolate is life changing. Chocolate making is definitely a Christmas treat for a very special team. Plus, everyone gets to take home a box of his or her very own homemade chocolates: the perfect Christmas gift!

3. Play the Pirates of the Swan team building game

compilation of images from the Pirates of the swan - sailing and treasure hunt team building activity
Pirates of the swan – sailing and treasure hunt team building activity

I invoke the right of parlay! Swagger around like Captain Jack Sparrow on your very own sailing boat in pursuit of treasure! In Pirates of the Swan you sail on the Swan river with an experienced instructor who will also entertain and guide your team through the challenges. Using a treasure map, navigate your way around the high seas and ultimately to dry land where the Treasure Chest awaits. But who can solve the clues to find the right digits to open the chest? Pirates of the Swan is a brilliant Christmas activity, located on Perth’s stunning swan river, it’s perfect for soaking up the summer sun while bonding with your team.

4. Test your creative side in Cooking – Amazing Cake Off

layers of cake to illustrate the Amazing cake off team building activity
Amazing cake off team building activity

Ever wondered how bakers construct their cake masterpieces? Well you’ll get to find out in Amazing Cake Off (hint: it takes a lot of patience and icing!). Teams begin by sketching a diagram of their culinary masterpiece then work together cutting, stacking, shaping and decorating their cakes.They say many hands make light work… but like any fiddly creative activity; you will at times love your team and at others… well we’ll let you find that one out for yourself. Once your creation is complete, your team presents it to the judges who may crown you the ‘Amazing Cake Off’ champions…

5. Bond your team through the power of Art – Raw Canvas

smaller canvases put together to make a combined image in Art - Raw canvas team building activity
Art – Raw canvas team building activity

Experience the beauty of collaborative creativity in Art – Raw Canvas team building event. In teams you work together to either design an image for your company or paint a pre-created outline. Each individual works on particular stretch of canvas,once the individual artworks are complete you join them together for a beautiful end result. Keep the artwork in the office as a reminder of the great team you make. The facilitators supply all the paint and canvas, the event runs for just over 2 hours and can be held anywhere in Australia.

6. Drink your team to success – Amazing Race Bar Romp

small group celebrating and laughing in a team building activity
Group celebrating in a team building activity

Love Amazing races, but want something a little less competitive and with a little more alcohol? Amazing Race Bar Romp is the Amazing race for you! It has all the traditional race elements, teams are given a race kit, a checkpoint list and map but in order to complete the tasks your team will have to have a clever strategy rather than just speed. Once you have solved all your clues at checkpoints (bars) along the way, you decipher a code that takes you to the final destination where a whole new challenge can completely change the running order you’ve spent the day achieving! Amazing Race Bar Romp is just that, a hilarious romp, filled with twists and turns, lots of laughs and a few beers. Your team will think you had planned it all along!

Avoid Christmas Mania

Team building activities are the perfect way to take a break, have fun and bond with your team for a Christmas celebration. Plus, you want everyone thinking favourably about work over their holidays. If you are having trouble finding a good Christmas team building game, check out some of our best Christmas Party ideas. If you need more help contact us, we access to the largest range of team building activities in Australia, we can definitely help you find something fantastic!


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