Christmas team building ideas in Melbourne

5 Unique activities

Want to treat your team to the coolest, nerdiest, tastiest and most thrilling Melbourne team building events this Christmas? Well do we have the list for you! From prison breakouts to hot ballooning to ‘Seglympics’, no matter what kind of team you have you will find some Christmas cheer this year!

1. Breakout of HMS Prison Pentridge this Christmas (or Halloween)

people behind jail bars in our Break out Team Building Activity
Break out Team Building Activity

HMS Prison Pentridge Breakout is ‘Orange is the new black’ meets ‘Shawshank Redemption’, held in a real prison! Inmates are broken into teams and given fake tattoos, bandanas and orange jumpsuits and encouraged to develop their own gang identity and backstory. The event takes place in the D-Division of the prison, where the last man was executed in the gallows back in 1967. If that’s not creepy enough, your team is actually locked in a cell and has to work together solving strategic challenges to break free! An awesome end-of-year creepy treat that can double for both Christmas and Halloween!



2. Test the athleticism of your team in Seglympics team building challenge

people riding Segways at sunset in our segway Team Building Activity

Is waitering an Olympic activity? Well it is on a Segway! Let’s see how adept you are at completing increasingly complex tasks such as Segwaitering to Segway Polo. Teams must complete the challenges following strict instructions, any straying from the path will result in your team having to start from the top, making the Seglympics both fascinating and frustrating!

3. Experience the flavours of a Melbourne Christmas in The Amazing Taste Trail

participants in a tasting trial as part of a challenge in our Taste Trial Team Building Activity

Are you a team full of foodies? Then this brand new team building activity is the one for you! Come up with a creative strategy, so your team members can make it to all the food checkpoints before they close. Think of the Amazing Taste Trial as extreme brunch training. Participate in food relays, creative food challenges, blind wine tasting and perfect latte making. The team with the best performance and culinary knowledge wins the game!

4. Test your teams seaworthiness in Sailing Regatta Race

Twilight sailing Team Building Activity

Take your team to the high seas and see how they perform in a racing regatta. Sailing Regatta Race requires constant teamwork and constant communication. Working under the guidance of a qualified skipper your team will learn the sailing language and how to solve problems in order to win the race against your group. Sailing is a wonderful sport, particularly if the weather is fine. Be sure to slip, slop, slap and work hard so you win the race!

5. Are you Cocktail Experienced?

3 different cocktails you can make in a Cocktail making Team Building Activity

Think you can make a pretty tasty cocktail? Can you do it with ‘flair’? Be initiated into the world of cocktail bar-tending, you will learn not only how to make delicious classic cocktails, but also taught how to do it with entertaining flair! Try out a few moves and kick-start your Christmas with a smooth cocktail or two…

Get amongst it in Melbourne

If your team is lucky enough to be based in Melbourne or visiting for a conference, then you should take advantage of the unique culture of the city this Christmas! If you are looking for some more fantastic Melbourne team building activities or some more Christmas team bonding events then check out our pages . If you are after some more specific help or want something custom designed for your unique team, the contact us and we’ll be sure to lead you to the ultimate activity!


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