5 Team Building Christmas Party Ideas

Activities To Spice Up Your Office Christmas Party

Over the same old Christmas party? Overcooked Christmas cake and a half filled glass of champagne not cutting it anymore? Celebrate your achievements with some too-hot-to-handle Christmas parties that will have everyone talking well into the New Year. The great thing about Christmas team building activities is that everyone is having too much fun to even realise all the team building they are doing.

1. Get Lucky at a Team Building Casino Night

room set up for a casino team building activity with gold lounges and casino tables
With a casino team building activity you can also have tailored theming to get everyone in the right mood

Thinking about going to the casino for your end of year festivities? How about we bring the casino to you! Engage in some 007 action with Blackjack, Craps, Horse Racing, Poker, Races of the Aces and Roulette. Develop your teams calculated (or not so calculated) risk taking and revel in the spirit of friendly competition. Casino night can be held in most indoor locations. So celebrate the year that was by dressing to the nines and playing with lady luck!

2. Cook Up as a Team This Christmas

4 different dishes being cooked as part of a cooking team building activity
Cooking team building activity

Whisk your Christmas Party into a frenzy! Perfect for teams looking for a bit of competition and loads of fun! This event is great for developing communication skills, time management and attention to detail. The best part is digging into your own creation at the end of the day! Cooking team building activities an be enjoyed by almost any group size and runs for approximately three hours at venues throughout Australia. And remember nothing bonds a team quite like a good meal.

3. Give back with Charity Bike Build

group of people putting together a children's bike as part of their charity team building activity
Charity Bike build team building activity

Embrace the spirit of Christmas and end this year by giving the best gift to kids in need. Improve your corporate social responsibility by completing this team building activity and giving back to the community. In this activity teams work together to construct a bike from scratch, unbeknownst to the team, a group of deserving children are waiting outside to collect their brand new bikes! Charity bike build is incredibly popular, because of its versatility, the communication, delegation and creativity skills developed in the creation of the bikes and the very special ending. There won’t be a dry eye in the house. This activity can held indoors or outdoors.

4. Put on a new persona in Murder Mystery Challenge

2 people dressed up for a murder mystery team building activity
Murder Mystery Team Building activity

Create a whole new setting for your Christmas Party by completing a Murder Mystery Challenge. Dress up and have a great laugh with your staff members. Discover the culprit while participating in an event filled with double entendre, intrigue, subplots and twists and turns it is interactive entertainment at it’s best and you can be guaranteed you won’t want to go home at the end of the night. Everyone in your group is allocated a character and encouraged to dress, behave and mingle in that character over dinner. The show runs for 2- 3 hours and is suitable for 10 – 120 guests. Some of your own mysteries may even get solved!

5. What team will win at Trivia

2 people concentrating and working out an answer at a Trivia team building activity
Trivia Team Building activity

Who is the most trivial member of your team? Engage in some Trivia action in your next Christmas Activity. The Trivia Challenge is the perfect between course entertainment. Your team gets to choose which old school trivia activity they want to compete in. You can choose between Ultimate Trivia, Family Feud, Blankety Blanks and Heads and Tails, or combine a few throughout the course of your meal. The aim is of course to earn as many points as possible and beat the competition in a battle of general knowledge. Trivia Challenge is very flexible in terms of numbers and location. End the year on a high note!

The Importance of the Office Christmas Party

Christmas Parties are very important for a company as it is a demonstration of your appreciation of your team’s hard work. While things may be getting hectic towards the end of the year, it is vital that you take some time to get the whole team together, reflect on the year that was and say thank you in the most enjoyable way possible! Check out the full range of Christmas team building activities or Contact us and we can tailor the perfect Christmas party activity for your team.


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