Queensland Christmas corporate events

6 of our best options

It is no secret that Queensland gets balmy in Summer. To take advantage of the warm weather we have compiled a list of activities that embrace the summer sun and a few that take advantage of the balmy Brisbane and Gold Coast nights. Whether your company is based in the sunshine state or you are visiting on a conference these activities are bound to get your team excited. All of the activities on this list are heaps of fun (it is Christmas after all) whilst subtly developing team-building qualities like trust and communication at the same time. This is a no trust fall zone. We promise!

1. Run away with Circus and Flying Trapeze team building gold coast

3 people doing a balance challenge in a Circus team building activity
Circus team building activity – a balance challenge

Take your corporate event to the circus for a day of incredible acrobatic activities. Practice your balance and grace with hula hooping, staff twirling, plate spinning, juggling, acro-balance and pyramid building. Teams will spend the day building up their confidence and trust in each other participating in increasingly challenging (and fun) circus activities that will push the boundaries of everyone’s comfort zones. The day ends in your team each having a go at the 10metre high trapeze, flying through the air and catching each other. Circus and Flying Trapeze really develops team dynamics… there is something about catching someone from falling 10 metres in the air that really breaks down barriers! We recommend finishing the day with a delicious BBQ so that your team can revel in their bravery and skill. This activity is perfect for a smaller team with a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 25 and is only held in the Gold Coast. It can accommodate all levels of ability including special needs.

2. Think inside the box this Corporate Event with Giant Foosball Experience

people playing giant foosball as a team building activity
Giant Foosball team building activity

If the idea of flying through the air on a trapeze does not appeal, perhaps the Giant Foosball Experience will! You will be strapped in to an inflatable life-sized foosball table only able to move your legs. Giant Foosball is absolutely hilarious. It is interactive, requires minimal skill and involves every person in your team. Plus being strapped in to the ‘table’ means that no one can hog the ball, you have to communicate in order to get the goals. If one ball is getting too boring, don’t worry! Switch it up with two. This activity is great for larger teams requiring a minimum of 14 people for a game. If you have a larger team (200+) you can play a tournament style event. The winning team takes home the glory! It can be held all over Queensland and Australia so enjoy the utter chaos and hilarity of Giant Foosball Experience.

3. Test your team brain in Treasure Hunt

people trying to open the treasure chest as their final challenge in a team building activity
Treasure hunt team building activity final challenge

Treasure Hunt is the perfect mix of brains and brawn. Requiring a fair bit of physical exertion but also a lot of brainteasers, Treasure Hunt will challenge everyone in different ways. That is why you need to work together to get those chests open! Every activity comes with a set of instructions and if it is completed in the time frame, your team receives a gold coin. These gold coins are then exchanged for clues which you will need to solve in order to unlock your treasure! The majority of clues are puzzle based so brush up on some cryptic crosswords and Sudoku before you play to be the star of your team.

4. Race around Queensland for your corporate event – Amazing Race Go Race

people completing tasks with santa hats on in the amazing race challenge for their christmas party
Amazing Race challenge at Christmas

Amazing ‘Go’ Race uses the latest QR code technology to guide your team around the obstacle course of clues and activities. The great thing about this race is that it all takes place on foot so there is no need to work out transport logistics. In Go Race the first across the finish line is not necessarily the winner. Instead of awarding teams with gold coins or kudos points for each activity completed or clue solved, in Go Race your team receives time credits or time penalties based on performance, so the whole day is a test for who will be the winner! Amazing Race – Go Race, usually takes place around the CBD but can easily be adapted to whatever suburb or town you would like to race in.

5. Cool down and laugh up in Win It in a Minute

keeping balloons in the air as a challenge in the Minute to win it team building activity
Minute to win it challenge

Based off the hit TV show, Win it in a Minute requires a nominated member of each team to compete in hilariously challenging 60-second activities. These activities will really test how well you know the strengths and weaknesses of your fellow colleagues. Challenges include moving three individual Oreos from forehead to mouth using only facial muscles, keeping three balloons in the air for 60 seconds and erecting a 36 plastic cup high triangle then collapsing it, all in 60 seconds. Win it in a Minute is an indoor activity, great for those stinking hot Queensland days and nights when all you want to do is make friends with your air-conditioner.

6. Get Lucky in the sunshine state – Casino – The Vegas Experience

Casino team building activity
book a Casino team building activity for your Christmas event

If you really want to treat your team this Christmas then give them the Vegas Experience! Our crew will set up your specified Casino space prior to the event. We can customise the casino floor depending on what you would like to create for your team. Once all the guests have arrived the Pitboss explains how the night will run, if there are any prizes to be won and how to become a High Roller. Casino – Vegas Experience is great for teams of any size and particularly great if you combine it with a fundraising venture so you can raise money for a good cause.

Can you take the QLD heat?

Summer activities can get very hot! So if you choose an outdoor activity make sure to pack lots of sunscreen, advise your team to wear hats and cool clothing and take regular shade and water breaks. If possible try and avoid the heat of the day so that everyone will remember your team building event as a great experience rather than the day they got heat stroke! If you would like to know more about Queensland corporate events for your Christmas party then contact us and we will choose the perfect activity for your team from our extensive list.


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