6 Charity team building events for Christmas

Give back with these charity team building events

Spread the Christmas cheer by giving back to your local and international community this year. Charity team building activities are the perfect example of a corporate social responsibility and a win-win innovation. Teams learn how to work together under difficult circumstances, while the recipients of the activities receive much needed services. We have handpicked the best charity activities for your team to enjoy this Christmas.

1. Use team building to offer Helping Hands

Charity team building activities
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Helping hands sees your team build prosthetic arms for land mine victims in developing countries. To better understand the challenges of your arm recipient your dominant hand is bound in a stubby holder for the duration of the activity. Having only one hand ensures communication and synchronisation with the rest of your team. Each team receives a photo of the person they are making their hand for, making the experience personal and quite emotional. The Project recently ran a story on the impact of this team building activity. At Team building made easy we are very proud to offer this life-changing corporate event – we cannot recommend it highly enough.

2. Battle it out for sick kids with the Starlight Race to Shine

Race to starlight Charity team building activity
Enjoy an amazing race and give back to charity at the same time with our combination race to starlight Charity team building activity

Become a starlight captain and help sick kids by having fun! Meet your high-energy gregarious hosts who are all professional actors and begin racing! Throughout the race you will identify your teammates strengths and weaknesses and learn how to take advantage of both in order to win. The Starlight Race to Shine is set in the Sydney CBD so get ready to race around all the best bits of Sydney while having heaps of fun with your team and hosts. The closing ceremony is held at a designated bar, but be warned, this is where it could all turn around thanks to a few surprise last minute twists! The victors are awarded prizes and bragging rights – a great way to end a year with your awesome team while giving back to sick kids!

3. Build a bike for local disadvantaged kids

Charity Bike Build team building activity
Charity Bike build activity is still one of our most popular events. Book one today and give back to some kids in need

Give back to your local community by assembling a bike from scratch without a manual! It’s extreme IKEA, but for a great cause. Once all the bikes are built and safety tested the real surprise is revealed! Children for your chosen local charity come bursting into the room ready to claim their brand new bikes! Bike build for kids is a very special activity that leaves most people in tears – so make sure to pack some tissues.

4. Donate a water filtration system

Charity team building activity
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Clean drinking water is essential for all human life, and yet access to clean drinking water is unevenly distributed across the world. Give the gift of water by building a completely functional water filtration system with your team. Unfortunately for your team, this is no easy task and while cutting corners may seem ok during the build process you will instantly regret it when you are tasked with testing how well your creation filters dirty river water by – you guessed it – drinking it yourself! Your filtration system will be fitted with an ID tracking device so you can see where in the world your creation ends up. Help close the gap by giving back this Christmas and helping some of the poorest people in the world.

5. Test out your Masterchef skills with Cooking for a cause

Cooking for Charity team building activity
Cooking for Charity team building activity – The food you make will be donated to a homeless shelter

Design and produce a collection of delicious dishes to feed members of a worthy charity this Christmas. Make sure everyone in your community receives a Christmas feast by cooking it yourself. Cooking for a cause runs for half a day and inspires friendly competition, creativity, communication, project management and lots of social interaction.

6. Give the ultimate Aussie Christmas gift with Helping Hampers

Hampers Charity team building activity
Charity Hampers team building activity is the ideal way to assist Aussie families in need.

Is there anything that says ‘Aussie Christmas’ more than a Christmas hamper? Team members are tasked with making hampers from toys, dry goods and gifts for needy families. You are tasked with packing, wrapping and writing individualised cards for the families you are sending the hampers to. Know you are making someone’s Christmas a lot better and working with your team towards a great cause.

Charity and Team building – the Perfect Christmas combination

While working together as a team is important training for the workplace, it is even better to think that the product of your hard work is actually making someone’s life better. We have a large range of Charity team building activities at Team Building Made Easy all guaranteed to put a smile on your team’s face while they work toward an important goal!


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