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Charity Team Building activities are the most rewarding events you will ever experience and they provide a lasting legacy.

Team Building Made Easy has the largest range of Charity Team Building activities within Australia, thus making us experts in all things team building – including charity team building. Therefore we can advise you on which activities will meet your needs. Events can also be tailored and we are flexible with ideas.

In our resource section we have a free PDF for you to download on how to get the most out of your Charity Team Building activity. It is acts as a guide as to which charity activity would best suit your team and objectives.

Our blogs are a great source of information of Charity or CSR focussed activities that benefit your local community. These activities can be run Australia wide.

The most popular Charity Team Building activity is still the Bike Build. The bikes are donated to children in need.  Other options include:

Flat pack that go to women’s refuges

Dog Kennels – for dog Shelters

Cooking for Charity – the food goes to homeless shelters.

Or if your team is more tech based we have Robot wars where you need to build and program robots – these are then donated to a local primary school.

Give a call today to discuss your requirements and we will organise a fantastic Charity Team Building activity for you and your team.

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