7 Crazy team-building activities for your team

When you come into work on Monday are you bombarded with stories of extreme camping trips, half marathons and sporting injuries? Are you regularly chipping in so that a member of your office can cycle the length of a country for charity? Have more people in your team bungee jumped than not? If you are nodding your head it’s possible you have yourself a team of certified nuts who love pushing themselves to the limits. When choosing a team building activity you should make sure it challenges them both physically and mentally to ensure the highest return of investment and greatest engagement. Here are our 7 most thrilling high-energy activities for your team of crazies.

1. Ignite the competitive spirit in Ultimate Survivor

Survivor team building
Outdoor and active team building activities – team building made easy can cover all the bases

The “Ultimate Survivor” team building activity offers an exciting and competitive experience focused on teamwork, problem-solving, and adventure. Participants engage in a series of adventure-based challenges like “Prison Break,” “Hot Shot,” and “Battle Zone,” requiring trust, cooperation, and effective communication within their teams. To emerge victorious, teams must demonstrate proficiency in these key elements while navigating a range of challenges. The activity accommodates groups of 6 to 300+ participants and spans 2 to 4 hours. For those seeking assistance and a hassle-free experience, Team Building Made Easy offers a free service to guide the selection and booking process. Contact them for personalized recommendations and quotes without any additional cost.

2. Test your team accuracy with Laser Clay Shooting

Laser clay shooting - team building activity
Laser clay shooting – team building activity. How will your team perform when put to the test

It is probably best to keep real bullets away from your team of maniacs – luckily Laser Clay shooting acts just like a tv remote pointing at the target, however you still get the satisfying shotgun “bang” whenever the trigger is pulled! There are a variety of challenges in Laser Clay shooting such as ‘Skill Shoot’ where the player is awarded two points for the first successful shot they take, ‘Rapid Fire’, where you compete against your teammates to hit the clay target first and finally ‘Speed Shoot’ where you compete to hit as many clay pigeons in the allotted time.

3. Let your team run of to the Circus and Flying Trapeze

Circus and Trapeze team building activities
Circus and Trapeze team building activities – push your team out of their comfort zones. Communication and Trust essential

Ever wanted to hula hoop, juggle, walk on a tight rope or fly through the air on a trapeze? Well, Circus and Flying Trapeze is the activity for you! Work your way through the circus activities and build up the courage to have a go on the 10-metre high trapeze. There are several team activities as well as solo activities allowing your team to reflect on the importance of teamwork and their position in their teams. Circus and Flying Trapeze is a guaranteed fun day and will see your team laughing and bonding together.

4. Sailing – Corporate Sailing Sydney

Sailing team building
Enjoy the great aussie outdoors and let your team of adventurers shine with our Corporate Sailing Team Building Activity

Corporate Sailing Sydney” offers an engaging team building experience that combines skill-building with the excitement of a regatta race on Sydney Harbour. Participants come together to learn sailing on racing yachts under the guidance of qualified skippers. This hands-on event fosters skill acquisition and strengthens team bonds while enjoying the scenic beauty of the harbor. The activity promotes environmental friendliness and stands out as a dynamic alternative to traditional corporate events. A sample half-day itinerary involves safety briefings, sailing maneuvers, race sequences, and a dockside debriefing, making it an engaging and memorable team-building opportunity.

5. The Ransom Team Building Activity

Active and Adventure team building activities – Team Building Made Easy for all your needs

The Ransom” team building activity immerses groups in a captivating scenario where their collective mission is to locate a kidnapped CEO within a 3-hour timeframe or pay a hefty ransom. Armed with a GPS-based smartphone application and a series of cryptic clues scattered across the city, teams must work swiftly to decipher the clues’ messages and unveil the CEO’s whereabouts and lock combination. The activity presents challenges like cracking code numbers, freeing themselves from handcuffs, and unraveling cryptic codes. Through these challenges, participants hone skills in collaboration, delegation, communication, and time management. With a duration of 2-3 hours and a minimum group size of 6, “The Ransom” promises an engaging and suspenseful team-building adventure.

6. Battle it out in a paintball match

Paintball Challenge Activity
Active and Adventure team building activities – Paintball Challenge

Team members will have the opportunity to participate in a series of challenges in the custom
built range. These challenges test participant’s speed, accuracy and memory as they work together to score points. Battle it out against colleagues in friends in an activity that is bound to get heart rates up and adrenaline pumping. A Paintball Activity will create memorable moments for any group of people.

7. Surf Perth

Surfing is a great team building activity and a perfect excuse to head to the beach and leave the stress behind the desk.

Surf Perth” offers an invigorating team building activity that breaks away from the usual routine. Surfing is presented as a unique opportunity for teams to unwind and strengthen their bonds while embracing the beach environment. Expert surf instructors guide corporate groups through lessons, ensuring everyone experiences the thrill of riding waves. The activity takes place at Brighton Beach, Scarborough, with the chance for a BBQ lunch afterwards. With a minimum group size of 8 and a maximum of 35 people, this 1.5 to 2.5-hour experience guarantees a refreshing, laughter-filled, and memorable team-building event.

Build off the energy of your team

Having a fit, excitable team is great for both the physical and mental health of your staff. This particular team finds things that scare them and rush towards them instead of shying away – a great workplace trait which should be embraced and nurtured. If your team are not as physical we have plenty of low-intensity team building activities for the less abled. If you want to find the perfect activity for your team then contact us and we can let you know what will work the best for you.


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