7 Crazy team-building activities for your team

When you come into work on Monday are you bombarded with stories of extreme camping trips, half marathons and sporting injuries? Are you regularly chipping in so that a member of your office can cycle the length of a country for charity? Have more people in your team bungee jumped than not? If you are nodding your head it’s possible you have yourself a team of certified nuts who love pushing themselves to the limits. When choosing a team building activity you should make sure it challenges them both physically and mentally to ensure the highest return of investment and greatest engagement. Here are our 7 most thrilling high-energy activities for your team of crazies.

1. Ignite the competitive spirit in Capture the Flag

group enjoying an Outdoor and active team building activity
Outdoor and active team building activities – team building made easy can cover all the bases

The rules are simple – capture the other teams flag and take it back to safety, but boy does this game get competitive! Full of dirty tactics and schoolyard tricks this is a great game to ignite the competitive spirit and see how your team works together under pressure. Capture the Flag is available in all states and is great for active, high-energy teams.

2. Test your team accuracy with Laser Clay Shooting

Laser clay shooting - team building activity
Laser clay shooting – team building activity. How will your team perform when put to the test

It is probably best to keep real bullets away from your team of maniacs – luckily Laser Clay shooting acts just like a tv remote pointing at the target, however you still get the satisfying shotgun “bang” whenever the trigger is pulled! There are a variety of challenges in Laser Clay shooting such as ‘Skill Shoot’ where the player is awarded two points for the first successful shot they take, ‘Rapid Fire’, where you compete against your teammates to hit the clay target first and finally ‘Speed Shoot’ where you compete to hit as many clay pigeons in the allotted time.

3. Let your team run of to the Circus and Flying Trapeze

Circus and Trapeze team building activities
Circus and Trapeze team building activities – push your team out of their comfort zones. Communication and Trust essential

Ever wanted to hula hoop, juggle, walk on a tight rope or fly through the air on a trapeze? Well, Circus and Flying Trapeze is the activity for you! Work your way through the circus activities and build up the courage to have a go on the 10-metre high trapeze. There are several team activities as well as solo activities allowing your team to reflect on the importance of teamwork and their position in their teams. Circus and Flying Trapeze is a guaranteed fun day and will see your team laughing and bonding together.

4. Abseiling – Half Day NSW

Abseiling and Canyoning Team Building Activities
Enjoy the great aussie outdoors and let your team of adventurers shine with our Abseiling Team Building Activities

Abseiling is a safe and exciting adventure sport that everyone can experience and enjoy. This activity is a great way to experience the magnificent atmosphere of the Blue Mountains as you rappel down some of Australia’s most famous rock faces. Your team will start with a smallish 5 metre abseil. If you have abseiled before this abseil gets you back in the swing of things. If you have never abseiled before it teaches you the technique of abseiling.

5. Delve into the core of your team values in Melbourne Caving Adventures

Melbourne Caving Team Building Activities
Active and Adventure team building activities – Team Building Made Easy for all your needs

This is an activity for the hardcore thrill seekers! Crawl, squish and bump your way through mud in the underground caves of the Yarra Junction. Melbourne Caving Adventures is not a scenic-tour, its dirty and physical – a real adventure for the fit and healthy team of daredevils. In total you will spend around 2-2.5 hours underground in the cave and we guarantee once you acclimatise to the beauty of the world below you will not want to climb out! This activity can be combined with white water kayaking, rock climbing or followed by a winery lunch. A truly incredible experience for your team.

6. Battle it out in a paintball match

Paintball Challenge Activity
Active and Adventure team building activities – Paintball Challenge

Team members will have the opportunity to participate in a series of challenges in the custom
built range. These challenges test participant’s speed, accuracy and memory as they work together to score points. Battle it out against colleagues in friends in an activity that is bound to get heart rates up and adrenaline pumping. A Paintball Activity will create memorable moments for any group of people.

7. Experience the perfect combination of Climb and Wine

Climb and wine team building Activity
Climb and wine team building Activity – adventure and relaxation in the one activity

Perhaps the most ingenious paring we have ever seen! A morning of rock climbing followed by an afternoon of wine tasting and blending. Scare your team senseless on the high ropes, and then calm them down with some fine South Australian red. The morning session runs from 9-12 where you will be taken to belay school for a number of challenges including ‘Hanging Vines’, ‘Burma Bridge’, ‘Flying Fox’ and ‘Two Tier Lane’. Never fear, there are plenty more high ropes to keep you occupied in the morning. In the afternoon session from 2-4:30 you will employ your expert wine knowledge to blend, taste and ultimately create your very own wine. Climb and Wine is a great mixture of high intensity and relaxed fun for the team who like to go hard then relax with a good glass of red at the end of the day.

Build off the energy of your team

Having a fit, excitable team is great for both the physical and mental health of your staff. This particular team finds things that scare them and rush towards them instead of shying away – a great workplace trait which should be embraced and nurtured. If your team are not as physical we have plenty of low-intensity team building activities for the less abled. If you want to find the perfect activity for your team then contact us and we can let you know what will work the best for you.


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