Inclusive Team Building Games

It can be hard choosing an activity to suit the whole team particularly with varying ages, interests and abilities. When people think of stereotypical team building games they often involve some sort of mad race around a city or an outdoor adventure. But not all team building activities involve physical exertion and nor should you choose that option if there are members of your team who will not be able to participate.

The Importance of Inclusivity

Inclusivity is one of the central tenets of team building games and while part of your team may have a great bonding experience doing rock climbing, if there is one member who cannot join in because of either an injury or medical condition then the activity has not really been a success. You also risk provoking feelings of alienation in your team members based off their physicality.

Luckily there are several fantastic inclusive activities that they whole team will love!

1. Choose a trivial Team Building Game

indoor team building activities such as Trivia
Trivia Team building activities

Who doesn’t love a good game of trivia? Particularly one tailored for your team? Superstar Trivia is an enormously fun nighttime activity, perfect to accompany a conference or Christmas party. Teams compete in trivia, karaoke and finally dancing (all optional!). It works particularly well as an icebreaker activity and a good bonding activity for new teams. For the well-established team, it will just be a hilarious romp, watching your teammates take on Saturday Night Fever dressed up like Disco Stu. If you haven’t guessed yet, the theme is disco, so dust off your flares and roll around in some glitter before attendance! Superstar trivia is the perfect team building game for your physically diverse team

2. Test your teams taste buds

glass of red wine in a Wine and cheese tasting team building activity
Wine and cheese tasting team building activity

Ever wanted to know how your favourite Grenache Shiraz Mataro came into existence? Or that crisp Semillon Sauvignon you enjoyed on the weekend? Wine and cheese tasting will teach you the tricks of the trade.While this activity is great for all levels of physical ability, you should do a quick check that everyone in your team drinks alcohol (some might not due to religious and personal reasons).

3. Work together in teams in an incredible Amazing Race Activity 

Amazing Race - Melbourne City Challenge
Amazing Race – City Challenge

An Amazing Race activity features a series of hilarious and thought provoking team activities. Teams compete head to head in a series of activities designed to focus on all areas of team building. The event is ideal for teams who are after a simple and quick activity which can be held close to the office in any of the gardens of your city/town or outer suburbs.

4. Murder mystery – A dinner to Die For

participants dressed up for a Murder mystery team building activity
Murder mystery team building activity

Set in Melbourne, Murder Mystery – A dinner to die for is one of the most hilarious and entertaining dinner party team building games on the market. Your team dress up in their best 1920’s Great Gatsby attire and become fully immersed in a devilish plot of sex, mystery and murder! As it is essentially an interactive dinner party, the movement is minimal, but the fun is plentiful. If your desired outcome is to take your team for a fun night out with a twist, then this is the team building game for you!

Team building fun for all abilities

Team building is about inclusivity and the four activity listed here are only a taster of the hundreds of team building activities that suit all levels of ability. The good thing is that they are so much fun, you wont feel like the rest of your team are missing out!

If you need a specific team building activity to suit your unique group, contact us and we will custom design a program for you.