The 4 best Escape room activities

Great for Problem Solving Objectives

Have you ever wondered how you would escape an Agatha Christie style room of dark secrets? Would you be the one to solve the mystery and see the light of day or would you be subjected to a short life of misery? Well lucky you, you have the chance to find out! Escape rooms are the newest and coolest activity that have taken both the corporate and social team building world by storm. They are sure to get the blood pumping the brain ticking and your team bonding while you laugh and jibe each other.

1. Escape the Corporate ‘Grind’ in Corporate Escape Room – NSW and VIC

Corporate Escape room
Corporate Escape room – objectives: time management, problem solving and collaboration

Become the protagonist in your own thriller film and get locked into a room with 2-6 of your colleagues with just 60 minutes to escape! Corporate Escape Room encourages participants to learn the essential of successful teamwork through ‘play’. And of course it’s not as easy as just finding the key! Your small team will be challenged with riddles, puzzles and a good measure of subterfuge. All of the challenges presented in the escape room require teamwork, communication and problem solving. Corporate Escape runs anywhere between 1.5-3 hours and requires 15-30 participants (*prisoners*) for the locking! It is available in NSW and VIC as happy victims.

2. Virtual Reality Escape Room Adventures – Sydney & Melbourne 



Get ready to dive into an exhilarating world of virtual reality escapades that are redefining team building activities in Sydney and Melbourne. Recognized as a Travellers’ Choice Award Winner and a highly sought-after experience, this activity promises an adventure like no other. Notably, it stands as Sydney’s exclusive virtual reality escape room with an added layer of real-life special effects, setting it apart from the rest.

Set aside approximately 1 hour 15 minutes for this unforgettable experience that will leave you exhilarated and bonded like never before.

3. Roleplay in your very own Surry Hills slasher in Hipster Homicide – Sydney

Hipster Homicide available Sydney, Brisbane and melbourne
An amazing race and mystery in one – objectives: communication problem solving and collaboration

Taking the escape room concept to the great outdoors, Hipster Homicide sees your team roaming around trendy Surry Hills solving the murder case of ‘Jak’ the most hip coffee brewer in the Hills! This tongue-in-cheek activity is heaps of fun and a combines the best bits of an escape room, a role-playing murder mystery and an Amazing Race. It suits groups between 8-50 people and takes between 2 and 3 hours.

4. Murder Mansion Escape Room

Murder Mansion” offers a team-based experience where participants tackle a 1920s murder mystery by deciphering intricate clues and puzzles that demand creative thinking. In a manner akin to escape rooms, this event demands lateral thinking and puzzle-solving skills to advance through stages and crack the case. Teams step back in time to investigate the murder of Elizabeth Sutton, working together over 2.5 hours to unveil the murderer, the weapon, and the motive behind the crime. After solving the puzzles, teams will present their findings to the entire group, emphasizing communication, problem-solving, lateral thinking, logic, and reasoning. This engaging activity promotes skills such as problem solving, lateral thinking, and interpretation, making it a perfect choice for team building.

Are you ready to Break Free?

At team building made easy we love escape rooms and have a large range of indoor and outdoor style activities to get any team pumped! Contact us so we can find the perfect activity for your team.


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