Use a Broker for your Team Building Activity

Benefits of a Team Building Broker

Team Building Made Easy is a broker. We’re proud of it. We don’t run any team building activities ourselves, we broker the activities of great providers that are good at what they do. Since launching we’ve discovered some interesting benefits to this approach – benefits you may not have thought of. So we thought we would share them as case studies.


We had a situation where a provider that was already engaged for a cooking team building event suddenly went out of business! Apparently they had over extended themselves on loans to purchase equipment and their lender suddenly repossessed the equipment.

The client had already paid, and if they had purchased directly with that provider – instead of through Team Building Made Easy – they would have lost their money. However because the money was still held with Team Building Made Easy we were able to switch the program to a different cooking provider. The transition was seamless and the client still had a great event as originally scheduled.


It’s great having almost every option in Australia under one roof. Recently a client was looking for a team building activity and were arguing amongst themselves about what to do. The boss – who was very active and adventurous – wanted something challenging. The team wanted something more “relaxing.” The solution? A completely different team building activity from a different provider that everyone was happy with. Fantastic.


We had yet another situation where the client was unhappy with the service being provided by the Team Building Activity Provider in the lead up to the scheduled program. The Provider was not getting back to the client and answering their questions and the client was getting very concerned.

Team Building Made Easy became aware of the clients concerns and offered to switch the job to a different provider. The client jumped at that opportunity and ended up having a very successful event.

The Benefits of a Broker for your next Team Building Event

These three examples were only possible because the event had been booked through a broker. In each case, if the client had booked directly with a provider things would have been much more difficult for the client, and in one case they would have lost their money.

A broker does not run the activities themselves. They represent a market, and because they represent the entire market they have many more team building options to choose from. This means we have no attachment to what you purchase, we can offer impartial advice, and we can maintain great service. Our focus is on making sure you get what you want from your team building event.

So call us today on 1300 551 274 or email and we can help you with your next Team Building event